Last But Not Least....

Last but not least, it's Samuel's 15th birthday today! Samuel is the last Houston birthday of the year. So, what can I say about Sam? Let me just start with the fact that he won my heart from the very first moment I laid eyes on him!!! If you know him, it won't be difficult for you to believe me when I say that he was the sweetest little guy from day one.....ok, he wasn't so little at 9 lbs 7oz!!! He was a "little" chatter box, always with a sweet spirit as he'd play and gurgle at everyone who would pass by him! Rare it was to see him without a smile. He would be content to play quietly (and sometimes not so quietly) for hours.

Samuel is still a good natured, fun loving, adventurous, young man. We are so proud of our son who has had to wait for his turn to go on a missions trip with dad. He has done so with the greatest attitude and spirit. I know it's been hard for him to have to wait, but I know that when he does get to go, the trip will bless many! We are also blessed by his extreme joy over the fact that he is one of two matches to his "big" sister, Anna, and may get to be her bone marrow donor. I think he and Daniel may have some arm wrestling to do over it.... ;-) we'll see!

Samuel has a love for God that shows in his countenance. He also loves and honors his Dad and Mom. He is an awesome "little" and "big" brother to his ten brothers and sisters. At this point in his life, he desires to become a Navy Seal, though he is open to whatever the Lord leads. He is enthusiastic in his endeavors to grow in grace and knowledge, even when it's difficult. He loves Boy Scouts and is very close to obtaining the rank of Eagle which is the highest rank that only 3% of all Scouts get to. Samuel serves at church as an usher and also is learning in the sound tech ministry. He has learned much through serving and is developing his leadership abilities as well. 
I love this young man immensely!!!! I pray that Samuel will continue to grow up to serve, honor, and glorify our loving Saviour, Jesus Christ, in ALL he does! No matter what! 

Happy Birthday, Son! We love you and are blessed by you!!!!!

Samuel's 11th!

Samuel's 10th birthday! (wow, 5 years ago!)

Good sushi, even better company! Dad and son in L.A., CA at a conference

First Boy Scout camp! FUN!!!!

I just thought this was an awesome picture of him!

On my honor, I will do my best..........

A top the Parche sail....ahem, I seriously doubt you are actually supposed to climb this, but hey, it was worth it for the pic!!!

So handsome!

Love his smile!

Horse back riding at the Bradrick farm

His goofy side! ;-)

At the shooting range at men's retreat last year.

Shooting the AR15

His 14th birthday.... seems like yesterday!

Loving his baby sister

Always up for a challenge!

Wow! So grown up AND handsome!


  1. happy birthday samuel! hope you didnt eat all those cookies! hehe

  2. Happy Birthday Samuel! The last makes me think of Flynn Ryder in Tangled "You've left me no choice but to bring on the shoulder" haha

  3. Happy birthday my sweet little (big) brother!! you are a great joy to have in our family. You have in the past few weeks been so strong for me when I have needed a shoulder to cry on!!! I love you and hope you have a great birthday.
    Your sis,

  4. Happy Birthday Samuel!! This is one mother who is thanking the LORD for your testimony for Him & your family and for the friendship you've shown towards my sons. You've been a huge encouragement to many in our family... thank you! Hoping you have a great day today and many special blessings throughout your new year! If you are getting "too old" for birthday hugs, your mom can give you one for me. :) With love and prayers, Your friend, Mrs. Potvin

  5. Happy Birthday Sam!
    You've been a blessing and a true friend to me, and I'm thankful for you!
    I pray that you will continue to pursue your goals with diligence, and that you will serve God in whatever way he would have you to!

    Love you brother!

  6. Happy Birthday Samuel!!

    It's been great having you as part of our church at WBC. In addition I'm very thankful you been such big part of our troop especially helping out the younger scouts learning the essentials for being a Boy Scout. You've been an encouragement to many including me.

    God Bless you,
    Mr. Potvin
    Pr. 3:5-6

  7. Happy birthday Samuel!!! Hope you enjoy your day!

  8. Happy late Birthday Sam!!! I love you so much and I am sooooo proud of you and what a godly young man your becoming!

  9. My Dear Son Samuel,

    The day you were born my heart burst with pride (the good kind) and my life has never been the same since. I was much in prayer as your mother struggled to deliver you and filled with tears when you were finally born. I can still hear the words as they left my mouth "It's a boy" and see the overwhelming joy wash over the face of your beloved mother. As the first born son you carry a big load and set forth an example for all those brothers and sisters who follow you. You were the first son born to bear the Houston name since I was born. My two fold prayer is that you will always uphold our family name with Christlike honor and that I will never give you a reason not to respect it.


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