And It's Michael's Turn!

Michael is 11 today! He was the last Oregonian in the Houston family to date. Michael was 7 months old when we moved to Bremerton. I remember this adorable baby as always wanting to be held, and if he wasn't, he let you know! As he got bigger his need to be held changed, but his desire to have everyone's attention did not! He captured everyone's heart with his big brown eyes, arched eyebrows, and cheesy grin. He continues to have that charming personality that defines who he is. Michael likes to have fun. He enjoys Boy Scouts, in which he joined this summer as he finished the 5th grade. He loves to play with Playmobil, ride horses, be outside and ride his bike, and he loves eating candy! (mommy cringe) Michael has a love for animals of all kinds, but especially horses and cattle. He has a desire to be a rancher when he grows up, and has had that desire for a very long time.

At the hospital

Just before moving to Bremerton

He's so little and cute!

Love this one that Anna took!!!!!

An Anna picture

Michael will be having a birthday party, but we've had to wait a bit as our schedule has been a bit on hold this last few weeks. I am thankful that he is understanding! I love this boy and can't imagine life with out him!!!!!

Feeling a little cold maybe?

Look how little they ALL were!!

An old family camp picture...not sure which year

His first Boy Scout meeting

A VERY Happy Birthday, son!!!! We love you!!! We pray that no matter what you do in life, you will always seek to honor our Lord! May you learn to love the Lord your God with all of your heart, soul, mind, and strength!!


  1. That family camp picture is from 2009, I know because I took that picture ;)


  2. Happy birthday Michael!!!! I love you so much. you make our days never dull ;-)

  3. Happy birthday Michael!

    May you always seek God first, work hard toward your goals, and give me free horse rides and beef once you have that ranch!

    Well, that last one is just a suggestion... ;)

  4. Happy birthday to you, Michael! Wishing you a great day...and a blessed year. (Great pictures, Anna!)

  5. Happy birthday michael!
    Can't believe how much the four boys have grown up!!! They look soo tiny & little in that photo!

  6. Happy, Happy Birthday, Michael! Your joyful spirit is always an encouragement! May the Lord richly bless you in the coming year.

    Your friend,:-)

  7. Happy Birthday Michael. 11 now hum.... only two more years until your a teenager, that is a scary thought. See you next week Lord willing.

    In Christian Love,
    Brother Rick Potvin
    Pr. 3:5-6

  8. Very happy birthday to Michael! He was (and I am sure still is) such a sweetheart. :)

  9. oh my word! he was the same age as jonathan when you moved here! now I feel old! happy birthday micheal! *go to the corner! * heheheh ;) love you all!

    1. You feel old because he was the same age as Jonathan is when we moved here, but he is NOW the age YOU were when we met you!!!!!!!!!! Now, who do you think FEELS OLD?!!! ;-) Anna laughed at your, "go to the corner!" comment! (She remembers that all too well!)

  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL!!!!! Sorry I missed your actual day... but we were bringing Mr. Potvin's dad home from the hospital!!! :) I hope we're back in time to help you celebrate.
    We love you and miss you so much! Hugs, Mr. and Mrs. Potvin

  11. He IS such a sweetheart! And still known around here as the cousin who bit Aidan in the back, LOL. Although he is well liked and nobody dreads seeing him anymore. So funny. LOVE YOU SO MUCH, MICHAEL!!
    Aunt Michelle, Uncle David and the cousins

  12. Happy Birthday little bro.!!! I love you!

  13. in the boy scout pic, he looks like Sam and wow how time flys.

  14. Happy Birthday to you, Michael! I hope you have a special day celebrating your birthday. We all have enjoyed the times we've been able to spend with you and your family!

    With love from your friend who is still taller than you,
    Mrs. Tanaka (on behalf of Dr. Tanaka and the family!) ;)


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