We had our weekly appointment yesterday. In the last two weeks, she has managed to "maintain" her weight with the added calories to her diet. This is at least better than her rapid decline that she was having before the meds. Her white blood cell count was up, but that is to be expected. Dr. Irwin had told us last time that he expected her count to bounce between 75,000 to 110,000. Hers was approximately 112,000.....not an alarm. She has not gotten any more lumps on her leg, if she does it will need to be biopsied. If it turns out to be cancer cells, she will immediately go into transplant mode. But, like I said, there haven't been any more since her first appointment. Anna was asked many questions regarding any symptoms, new or old, and checked to see if her spleen has started to swell (a sign of CML), it has not.

The rest of the appointment was mainly spent on discussing the future plans of transplant. As of yesterday, Dr. Woolfrey had not sent over the overview of our appointment with her last week. So Dr. Irwin isn't completely sure of Dr. Woolfrey's thoughts on the future. At this point, Anna is being put on Gleevec to combat the cancer cells until the decision to go ahead with the transplant. This will be the bridge of action until the big "day". Gleevec will suppress the cancer cells, and in children has been shown to work well in the first couple of months, if we should have to wait. Gleevec, while suppressing the cancer, also will suppress Anna's immune system a bit. We asked if Anna must start wearing a mask, at this point that's a no, but Dr. Irwin said that we should be arriving a bit on the late side to church, sit in the back (away from people as much as possible), and leave soon after service is over. If sickness is running through the church in a big way, she is to stay home. Of course, all of this is with the obvious washing of hands like she has o.c. and/or using hand sanitizer like crazy! That's been something that has been a noticeable difference over regular doctors' offices~ You go to see your family physician, they come in, wash their hands, deal with the issues at hand, wash their hands, and then leave the room. At any given cancer treatment office, they come in, sanitize or wash their hands, shake your hands, sanitize, talk, sanitize, do any exam, sanitize, go through paper work, sanitize, sanitize, sanitize, sanitize. You get the picture~ they can't afford to get germs or pass germs!!

The end of the appointment was Anna getting her flu shot....and yes, more hand sanitizer. ;-) We are scheduled to see the doctor again next week. Until then, we are all continuing to keep our spirits high and trusting in our loving Saviour, who is also the Great Physician!

THIS JUST IN................

We received, in the mail today, a copy of the review sent to Dr. Irwin by Dr. Woolfrey concerning our consultation last week. It is the plan to have Anna take Gleevec, and this summer we will do the bone marrow transplant. The summer is an optimum time of year for BMTs as respiratory infections are less in the summer air. However, if Anna does not respond well to the Gleevec, either testing concludes progressive disease or resistance to the drug, it will result in moving quickly to BMT. We are thankful to finally have the plan of action laid out clearly for us. We are also thankful for great doctors who care for the patient and her family! This is still going to be a long road, but at least we now know what path we are starting out on! Anna will be closely monitored over the next months, with more bone marrow samples taken every 3 months until transplant. Thank you all for your prayers! Please keep them coming!!!! We are confident in the decisions of our doctors and most important, confident in the Great Physician and His leading!!!!


  1. So good to hear that she has maintained weight and that her condition has not worsened apart from the white count!
    We are praying often for Anna and you all!
    May God give you all great strength and comfort during this trial, and be given all of the glory!

    1 Peter 4:12-19

  2. Wow! Thanks for sharing. I am glad there is a plan laid for you all as well. You are on our church prayer list and your updates go on it regularly. :) We will continue to pray for you all. Praising the Lord for no new symptoms and continued good health for Anna thus far!

  3. Thank you for the updates. Praying for the family from Iowa.

  4. Anna, I'll continue to keep you in prayer. I was so glad that I was able to meet you on Sunday. You're very inspiring to me. :)
    Blessings in Christ,

  5. Just updated the news on Anna for our churches prayer team. Isn't it wonderful to know that prayer warriors all over are bring Anna before the Lord each day! We continue to pray for strength, grace, peace, & wisdom for you all, as well as met nourishment needs, sufficient rest, and protection from any germs. So thankful that God knows her needs before we do, and loves her more than we possibly can.
    Carole Binder & family

  6. We have been praying for the right path to be laid out for you and the many decisions that have to be made. I know that this requires patience and endurance. You have handled this with much grace and faith and we will continue to be there for the long haul. Miss Elsa and her church are praying for you as well. We love you all!

  7. prayers from Minnesota for Anna and your family.

    Sherri Wachowiak (Rick Potvin's sister)

  8. We are so glad that you now have a plan of what to expect. Praying for you all and your health... and praying that all of us in the church family will be mindful and extra careful for Anna's sake. Can't wait to see you all when we get home... even if I may not be able to give you a hug,Anna, just know that when you are well, you are going to be bombarded with a ton of them! Missing you all a lot! Hugs, Rick & Grace

  9. More prayers from the throne of grace for the family....for healing for Anna.

  10. Dear Emily, I am so thankful to see how God is guiding in all of this. The wonderful thin is that Anna is not a statistic or a number - she is a child of the Living God, and He is watching over her. I am earnestly praying for her every single day, and for you and Craig and the family also! I send my love to you all, and pray for grace and strength for this journey.

    Dean Herring

  11. Even more prayers from Minnesota for you and your family ♥ I am Rick & Grace's sister Angie "Potvin" Baker from Alexandria, MN.
    Sending love and healing prayers...

  12. Thanks for the updates. We are praying for your whole family. We love you Anna. Your name is ever present in our thoughts and prayers. Megan and Brittney have your name plastered all over house. I love this simple verse. Psalms 56:3 What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee.

    Love in Christ,
    The Bieri's


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