It's a Girl!!!!......

Funny thing, I remember those words as if it were yesterday, and yet, it was eighteen years ago! My precious baby girl being placed into my arms by her adoring Daddy whose eyes were filled with tears of sheer joy~ all memories I treasure. That day, November 4, 1994 was the beginning of a new adventure for me. As I held that little one in my arms and stared into those trusting eyes, I could only imagine what she would be like......eighteen years later. I can say that, though it's not always been easy, it has been my joy and delight to have been given the privilege to raise this girl. I am so thankful for her fun spirit, her love for life, but most important, her love for her Savior! It shows in her complete being. She honors her Daddy and her Mom daily, she loves her siblings. She encourages and exhorts people with the Word. She loves to learn, eagerly opening books of all kinds. Her desires are to serve God, hoping one day that will mean on a foreign mission field, but willing where ever she might be sent. 

My baby girl! Love that baby!

Naomi's sweet 16! Make up, so grown up!

Not just of friends!

Sharing the experience of getting their drivers' permits

Love being silly together!

A lovely young lady

My sweet girl.....a wonderful woman!
Naomi, Abby, and Sam!

Oh my! Look at all of those curls!

Posing for the photographer....

What a crew!

Daddy and Naomi in Papua New Guinea, special mission's trip

Does she know Daddy is being silly behind her?

Not the best shot, but one with her baby sister, Selah
Happy Birthday, my sweet daughter, one of my very best friends, Naomi Jean Houston!!!


  1. I thank God for such a wonderful loving family that he has given to me!
    I love you Dad and Mom! (and everyone else of course!)

  2. Dearest Naomi,

    November 4th, 1994 was a day that changed my life forever watching you be born into this world by you amazing mother. It was that day I cuddled my little girl for the first time and have loved holding you ever since. I read the Bible to you that day for the first time on the outside of the womb, but I know you already knew my voice as I had read to you many times before. I felt that great pride of a father telling all who would listen and probably those who wouldn't how amazing you were. Eighteen years later and the pride hasn't changed nor my desire to tell everyone how much I am crazy about you. Naomi you are a breathtaking beauty who looks just like your mother the day we were married, but I also see in you each day the beauty of your loving Savior Jesus Christ shinning through in a powerful way.

    Today as I look at you I know you won't be with me forever but you will always be my girl! No one and nothing can take that away!

    Love, Tears, Joy,


  3. Happy Birthday Naomi!! It's so hard to believe you are 18. You've been such an encouragement to my family and I over the past 8 years that we've known you. I'll never forget when we first arrived at WBC how you welcomed my family from the start. I hope one day to witness your desires to be fulfilled by serving on the mission field as you had opportunity with your Father when you traveled to PNG.

    In Christian Love,
    Brother Rick Potvin
    Pr. 3:5-6

  4. Happy Birthday to you. You are and amazing young lady. and it is great to see what God is doing with you all. I Hope you all have an amazing day today.

    Love you all
    The clark family

  5. Happy Birthday Naomi!!You've
    Your friend

  6. Happy birthday, Naomi! God's love radiates from you and it's evident how much you love God and others. May this day be a special one for you. What a friend you are to Anna during this difficult time...I know she is encouraged, having you by her side. Love you!!!

  7. Happy Birthday Naomi! God bless you greatly this coming year. Carol

  8. Happy Birthday Naomi!!!! I truly thank the Lord for you! You have been a ray of sunshine to me many, many times. I can't even count the number of times you have sensed my need for a hug, an encouraging word, or for someone to pray with or for me personally. God has used you so much and I pray that you will always continue to be sensitive to His leading in your life. You are a sweet blessing and gift from the Lord! Love you, my friend! Big birthday hugs, Mrs. Potvin

  9. Happy birthday beautiful. Your a treasure Naomi. Can't believe your already eighteen. I can only hope that my girls also have the heart to serve their Saviour as I have seen you do. You are an incredible young gir.... I mean woman! ;)
    We are also praying as a family for all of you during this journey you are all on.

  10. Dearest Naomi, you are truly a blessing and a very dear friend. I love you so much!

    Your old friend ;-)

  11. We can notbelieve she is 18!!!
    Chris says he feels old bc he remembers meeting her for the first time when she was 7, anna was 5 he said samuel was a very little boy along with Daniel and remembers the rest bring born here. Boy does time fly!!!

    Happy Birthday Naomi! Hope you had a fabulous day! You are such s beautiful young lady-inside & out. We love you.

  12. Happy Birthday Naomi.What a Beautiful young woman you have become.

  13. Naomi,

    Happy birthday!
    You have always been a true friend to me, and I am grateful for you. You've never hesitated to encourage me in spiritual things, or to challenge me to do right in my home, my place of work, and my school.
    Your friendship, testimony, and love for God are a blessing to me, and all those around you!
    Keep being a friend to others!
    You are used by God in this way more than you know!

    Your friend, and brother in Christ,


  14. happy birthday Naomi!
    mrs. Houston! you have done such an awesome job raising such a beautiful servant of Christ! Thankyou for being an example of what God has asked us to do with the children he has given us. :) i love your whole family! Naomi! you are beautiful! i'm reminded of Job's daughters... i personally think part of the reason there were none as beautiful as them, was not just because of the outside,to have such a Godly father... they must have been just a beautiful spiritually... and i think of your family the same... you have an amazing leader! and your girls are beautiful!

  15. Happy birthday my sweet sister!!!!! I love you so much. Your sweet spirit penetrates through you to all people around you.


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