Where Can I Find Her?!

Sometimes I'll be looking for Selah, and these are some of the places we can find her.........

 In a suitcase..........

 In the kitchen drawer...........

 Between her sisters kisses............

In her Daddy's arms.......

Or in tiny little chairs made for princesses.....


  1. Such darling pictures! In the last picture, she looks like a younger Abby!!!

    Love you all,

    Teresa Olsen

  2. love the chair! where did you get it?!

    1. The chair isn't ours. It is a chair at some friends house and they actually got it at a garage sale!!!!

  3. It is sooooo true! She is everywhere and she isn't even completely walking yet.

  4. Too cute!!! Gotta watch that one! :) Hugs, Grace


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