A Bit Left Out?

I'm thinking that maybe Nathanael has been feeling a bit left out lately? No, just kidding! Poor kid was wrestling with his brothers and another boy when someone jumped on his hand, breaking his finger! This all happened Friday evening.

Somehow, I think the middle finger shouldn't turn in toward his index finger......

Saturday we went in to our Doc who agreed with us, it's busted pretty badly!
Soooo, what to do? Numb the finger, and set it! Yikes!

Michael and Julia watch as he gets a shot in the finger. Ouch!

Nathanael had to wait a few minutes for the finger to be numb enough, and then the Doc came in, and pulled his finger straight! It had a nice loud cracking sound......ugh! A nice splint holds it securely and Monday we will get an x-ray to make sure the set worked, if not it's to the ortho with Nathanael!

He chose a red wrap, I guess it was better than purple? ;-) In two weeks we will get another x-ray to make sure it's healed enough to start exercising that finger.

My brave son deserved a special treat so we went to Dairy Queen....he ordered a Blizzard and the rest of us got hot fudge sundaes!


  1. didnt Julia just have her finger wrapped??? poor Nathaniel! :(

  2. Poor boy! Hope it heals quickly!

  3. Hey Son,
    I am proud of how strong you were through your injury. Now that your future as a concert pianist is ruined, you may want to consider boxing instead!

    1. Hey now, I play piano with a crooked finger. He can still do it! ;)


  4. I posted a comment earlier, I think I pushed the wrong button & took me out of the screen! Ohhh well

    I could feel his pain & see his pain in those photos!!! OWWWWWW!!!

  5. Is this Nathaniel's first "real" injury??? I know it will take awhile to "catch up" with Daniel.... : ). Well at least he was able to have his favorite color of bandage (the color of blood). Hope he had a good time at Joseph's B-day get together in spite of his injury.

    God bless you,

    Brother Rick Potvin
    Pr. 3:5-6


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