Monday's Appointment

Monday morning we woke up bright and early to prepare for a big day. It was the day our four older children would get their blood drawn to be tested to see who, if any of them, will be a match to Anna. The ladies taking the blood and filling out the paperwork were over joyed at the desire of these siblings to be the match! They were also pleased to see the fun we could all have even in such serious times. We were able to share the joy we have in Christ.

After the blood draws, Craig and I went with Anna to her check up. She has lost some more weight. In the last two weeks, since her very first appointment with Dr. Irwin, Anna has lost eight pounds. Her appetite is almost completely gone. And when she is hungry, she feels over full after just a couple of bites. Our goal now is to put some weight on her before treatment. She will start a prescription that will give her an appetite again. Plus she must increase her daily caloric intake by quite a bit. This will help her in the days to come. All in all, we discussed how she has been feeling with any and all "little" symptoms being brought up. The CML is definitely taking it's toll on our precious Anna. 

The results of the blood tests will be ready anywhere from one to two weeks. We are praying that the match will be one of the four. We will be meeting with our new Doc in Seattle next Tuesday. She will go over everything we will need to know including which treatment options are best for Anna. She should also have a better timeline for us to look at for everything. We will also get a tour of the hospital and possibly the Ronald McDonald house. Please pray that we will be able to take in each detail and not be overwhelmed by it all. We want to have a peace of mind for Anna. And to not miss anything.

Naomi's turn!

Nathanael showing us all that he went first!

Daniel showing his arm off proudly!

Samuel with a smile is happily giving his blood

Anna showing she's got moxie!

Say cheese!

And Anna had to give the most...... :-(

Daddy anxiously watching his babies getting blood drawn

Daniel had to be a part of this pic, his hand is the one sticking out with the peace sign
For a special treat, we went to Red Robin for lunch. We enjoyed the time together. It was there that I found something out:

A quick funny...........
Vintage?! Really?!
I was a bit distraught to find out that I am now considered vintage! I was born in 1977! Yikes! Well, everyone had their laugh, but I got mine in the end.....
On our way home, we stopped by Costco (Anna has to drink 3 Ensures everyday plus her (new) "normal" high calorie meals!). Craig saw a young woman with her little boy struggling with her cart. So, in his gentlemanly way, he offered to help her. The little boy asked him what his name was, Craig told him, "My name is Craig." The boy then looked up at his mom and said, "He's just like my GRANDPA!!!!!!" Hahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha! I couldn't stop laughing! This probably shouldn't have been that funny to me, but it was! If I'm vintage and he is a "grandpa" like man, then we MUST be getting old! Thought I'd leave you all with a bit to chuckle over!


  1. Tell "Grandpa" :) Craig he looks fat.

    From Himself

  2. I'm glad it went well and that you all had joy and some fun times amidst all of this!
    I love Sam's face in pic #2!

    I will be in prayer for you all and specifically for next week's appointment, Anna's appetite, and the results of the tests!

    Love you guys!

  3. I can't wait until we get the test results back so that we can get the ball rolling on the treatments. I love you Anna. You are my Best Friend!!!

  4. This post brought me to all are on our church prayer list. I love following your sweet family and testimony through this...thank you for sharing! Looks like you all had fun out together! That is such a blessing! We love you, Houston family. :)

  5. Thanks for the post. What a blessing that anything that we do with the Lord can be full of Joy. As far as the 1977 being vintage and Pastor seeming old that did bring a smile and a laugh to me. Dave and I got married in 1979 so what comes after vintage? It doesn't matter...Everyday that the Lord gives us is an opp[ortunity to have joy and glorify Him. Thanks so much for the updates. They do help us laugh with you and know how to pray for you.
    Love Jackie Harper

  6. We are praying for you, Anna!!

    Mrs. Houston, you and your hubby are--and look--so super young!!! :-P

    Laura Criss

  7. You are in my prayers all day every day! It is so nice to be able to follow what is happening. I love you all, you are so dear to my heart and such an amazing family. God Bless you for you wonderful testimony.
    Psalm 31:24 Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your
    heart, all ye that hope in the Lord.
    Much Much Love,
    Karen Peterson, Love you so much my sweet Anna!

  8. Anna, you don't know me, but I am Holly Hilson's Mom. I live in Magnolia, AR. My church family is praying for you each day. I am keeping up with news about you and your family thru your Blogspot. I can't even imagine what you are going thru, but I know what a fine Christian young lady you are and I know God is with you all the way. Holly has told me what an amazing encourager you are. I know your church family will be there to encourage you. My thoughts and prayers are with you each day.
    Glenda Foreman

  9. BuHahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


    Thanks for the good laugh ;-)

    We wii be praying for annas appetite & for the blooddraw results!

    Loved seeing all the photos!

  10. I will pray for Anna appetite and for the blood test and for peace of mind
    Love you guys!
    Your friend Brady

  11. thank you for your updates for those of us who live in Lynnwood now praying for and miss you all.

  12. I have been praying daily for each of you. If there is anything at all that I can do beside praying please let me know.

  13. I love all the smiles! You all are such an example. Continue letting the joy of the Lord be your strength.

    I love you guys!

    P.S. You both still look very young! :-)

  14. In my you all!

  15. Praying for you always, Anna. Love you.

  16. i was reading up on CML and i read that yougurt is a good food to eat before and during treatment because of all the good bacteria in it, and cuz its got lots of other good things to help with weight and such... not sure if this helps, but i thought id throw that out there... praying for you! call me if you need anything! hey anna... UBUUUH! (hopefully you remember that one)

    1. Anna laughed at that one!!! She remembered! Thanks about the info about yogurt!

  17. are sooooo beautiful!! The other children..what a blessing it is to see you all being brave and courageous supporting your sister. Emily....thank you for keeping us updated and all the amazing photos. Allows us to follow right along with you all the best that we can. (and you are beautiful too!!) And I love the photo of Daddy "standing guard" over His children. My favorite of this post. You can see the care and concern in his face. Made me pause for a moment and ponder how the Lord IS standing guard over Anna. Daddys love for her is seen in the photo...but just imgaine the Lords love for her....priceless. Love you guys as we continue to pray Kristi Long

  18. You are in our prayers, and have been added to the prayer chain at church. It's hard to believe we've been gone from WA now for 6 yrs., until I see the pictures of the kids looking so grown up. I'm sorry you are already having issues w/the loss of appetite, and will be praying that food starts to look, smell, and taste good, and that nausea stays away! Praying for the lab results to be completed quickly, and donors to be found, and until that time, may you all feel the peace of God in your souls!

  19. Such a sweet family...Thanks for the updates, Emily. We continue to lift Anna in prayer; and tell C.D. Houston, he is not fat...just a full-gospel preacher :)

  20. Thank you for sharing these updates. We pray for you all and think of you often. Much love to your dear family, Carolyn, for the Youngs

  21. The hardest part in praying is looking through the tears on my glasses when reading the posts. Tears of hope, tears of happiness, and tears of sorrow. But, always prayers of health, comfort and strength. I think, samuel will be the match. Just guessing, God knows. Love to all from Sacramento area. Roy.

  22. Anna, I will be praying that you get your appetite back and that you gain some weight! Your brothers are so funny! I laughed out loud when I saw their comical facial expressions in the above pictures :)

  23. Thanks for the updates, we are all praying for a match and your treatments. Anna you are looking slim, when I had to gain weight to join the Navy I drank 4 banana milkshakes a day! Lots of calories and at least they taste good. As far as Craig and Emily being old it sneaks up on us huh? Luke and I were called middle aged the other day.... it feels great. Thanks gain for the updates it is helpful in praying.
    In Him,
    The Mcarthurs

  24. It seems strange that we are to pray for a young lady to GAIN weight. :) Praying that you will regain your appetite soon, Anna. Praying the results come back soon... and with a positive match answer. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pics!!! And the SMILES!! :) So, if you are vintage.... what are we??? On second thought, don't answer that! Love you all! Many prayers and hugs for the day, Grace

    "He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust" ~~ Psalm 91:1&2

  25. To the Houston Family,

    You are continually in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for keeping us updated on the journey. Prayfully one of the older Houston children are a match... As my wife said it does seem "odd" to pray for a young lady to gain weight but under the circumstances it is obviously the best. When you stated that the young boy said that Pastor reminded him of his Grandpa I thought it was funny as well. Then I thought..... ummm.... I wonder how many young ones look at me and think of their Grandpas as I'm a bit older and grayer than Pastor... : ). Love your family very much!!

    With much love and prayers,

    Brother Rick Potvin
    Pr. 3:5-6

  26. You all have been in my thoughts and prayers today ALOT.I am Specifically praying that one of the older sibblings are a match for sweet Anna. Enjoyed all the pics. I am glad that you guys got to have some much needed fun together. Praying for Anna's Appetite. Love you all Sandee Ragsdale

  27. I didn't realize that you were only 2 years older than me, as I was born in 1979. I guess I just assumed otherwise, since you've been married so much longer than me. :) You had six kids when I was still living at home! lol You got along well with my mom, so I figured you were pretty much in her category, never realizing you were more my age! That's too funny. Well, it sounds like your family was a really good testimony to those nurses. Praise Him for your joyful spirit! That's the thing I remember most about you is your JOY. :) Praying for Anna...

  28. Anna, our church in PA is praying for you and the Gerken family. You can look at us on our church website: We send our love, Renee Gerken

  29. Great post Emily and I am so thankful you each are finding joy in this new "normal" We will be praying for Anna to gain weight! The box of goodies is shipping tomorrow and it sounds like I may need to send another:)
    I am a 1977 model...we are not old....just classy!


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