And a Very Happy Birthday, Zeke!!!

Today is Ezekiel's 3rd birthday! We love our boy so very much! We have been so blessed to have this ornery little man in our lives! While he may be ornery, he is also very loving and cuddles a bunch. He loves his family. He is learning about the love of Jesus and it comes out when he speaks. Zeke enjoys tracing letters and numbers and also enjoys reading books with anyone who will take the time. His latest discovery is that we all have bones inside of our skin. If he bumps his head he will tell us through tears that he has hurt his bones! He told me yesterday that he loves his doggy and kitty very much and he prays for them. I told him that the Bible says that a righteous man regards the life of his beast, so I am glad he loves his animals!

I love three year olds! I love that everything is still so new and exciting to them and that they are learning so much! Ezekiel is very much becoming a big boy!
We are having a bug party for him this afternoon. He is so excited! The boys will "hunt" for plastic bugs around the living room and have a dirt and worms cake.

The newborn, Zeke
Zeke, about 1 week old

One year

Mommy's little Prince!

Such a serious look!

So excited!!

Look out World!

Happy Birthday, Ezekiel! We love you sooooo much!!! We hope you have the best day EVER!


  1. Sniffle sniffle
    I can't believe our boys are 3! I still remember visiting you in the hospital the day he was born & comparing our boys!
    I love every year getting updated photos of them seeing how much they have grown!

    Bud is really excited about zekes bug birthday today!!


  2. Tell him I said happy birthday!
    Enjoy celebrating him today!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZEKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. I love you so much Zekers! You are a very special boy! I don't know what life would be like without you!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry I just HAD to out do you! ;-)

  5. HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY ZEKE!!!!!!! you are growing into BIG boy


  6. Happy birthday my sweet little brother. You are a true blessing to our family!!!!

  7. Happy Birthday, Ezekiel! A bug party? There's no doubt that you're all boy! :-)

    May you grow into a strong man of God, and may you love Him with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength!

    Lots of love from your friend Sarah!

  8. HAPPY, HAPPY, BIRFMADAY ZEKE! :DD You're a special little man and a cutie, just like the rest of your brothers. ;D May God give you many more precious years of life.

    Hugs to the entire Houston clan,

  9. Happy Birthday Big Boy!

    Your Daddy loves you very much and prays that you will be a mighty man for God.

  10. the one of him yelling looks sooo much like michael! ha!

  11. Happy birthday, Zeke!! Hope it is as wonderful as you are!!

    So sorry we won't be able to make your party, but I'm there in spirit!! Have a blast for me!

    Love you all so much!

  12. Happy Birthday Zeke!!!!! Hope you have lots of fun finding the bugs! I'm sure your mom is glad that they are plastic ones. LOL Here's a BIG BIRTHDAY {{{{{HHHUUUUGGG}}} from all of the Potvin Crew. We love you!! ~ Mrs. Potvin (aka "Poppin")

  13. Happy Birthday ZEKEMAN: We hope it was a lot of fun. We sure love you and all your happy smiles. Will see you Sunday for a great big birthday hug!
    Love Dave and Jackie Harper

  14. Happy birthday little man!! I totally love the one with him all excited. Awesome.

  15. Happy birthday, Zeke! Ruth says hi, too! :)

    -Love, the Hensons

  16. Happy Birthday,Zeke. We love you so much. From Uncle David and Auntie Lori and all the Miller cousins.

  17. Wow is he really 3 already??? It seems like just yesterday he was born and the Houston boys were excited as at that time it was now the same amount of boys as girls.... : ).
    Hope you had a great birthday Zeke.

    In Christian Love,

    Brother Rick Potvin
    Proverbs 3:5-6


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