Our Living Room.....{Yay!}

The living room
The living room from the dining area
"My" corner ;-)
The couch with the beautiful photo of George Washington
Here are some pictures of our "new" living room! I'm so excited! It is soooo beautiful!!! We just need to get an area rug now and then we need to finish placing pictures and such on the walls, and it will be complete. Our dining room chairs come in tomorrow....16 of them! And then our table will be getting done around Thanksgiving time!!!!!!! I feel so absolutely blessed and spoiled, and I don't deserve it at all!


  1. so beautiful! i love the chairs!

  2. Wow! So different! I love it! Thanks for sharing the pics. :)

  3. Praise the Lord for answered prayers..... : ). Your family is such an encouragement. The example you set for the families of our church in being hospitable is incredible. I'm so thankful the Lord has led us to WBC.

    In Christian Love,

    Bro. Rick Potvin
    Pr. 3:5-6

  4. How beautiful! So excited for you guys. Looking forward to seeing the big table and chairs, too!

  5. 16 chairs! WOW!!!

    Hopefully it comes before thanksgiving!
    Isn't it soooo nice when a project is FINISHED?!

  6. I love this!! It looks soo nice. Very tasteful. I love the colors you picked. I also love all the pretty books on the bookshelf. Can't wait to see the custom table and chairs.

    Have you seen any of the Pottery Barn catalogs? I think you'd like the decorating styles in them.


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