Family Camp 2012

The view from our cabin

Family devotions

Jungle Jim teaching the children

Horse back much fun

A little nervous about now!

Selah, the baby we were waiting for last year, with a stick in her mouth

Mom?! Is that you? (asked by Naomi, who was taking the picture)

Anna finishing the zip line

Julia on the zip line

Outdoor service

The Ragsdales did an amazing job with the children!

Samuel after FINISHING the ropes course!!!

Friends <3 td="td">

The Houstons, Postmas, and Blumes
Our ever growing family picture in front of our cabin
Last year, family camp was a bit interesting......I was 41 weeks pregnant with our 11th child! It was fun to be there and I was able to rest while everyone else did the fun stuff. This year, it was a different story! I actually got to do all the events I wanted!!! Soooo, I went horse back riding, the superman swing, the zip line, and archery. It was a bunch of fun! We had the privilege of having Jim and Mary Blume (our beloved missionaries to Papua New Guinea) as well as our dear friends, the Postma family come. Pastor Postma and "Jungle Jim" were our speakers for the week. What great challenges given for our families to grow in! As always, the fellowship was sweet and the scenery was amazing! Family camp is always a highlight of every summer.


  1. We enjoyed family camp this year too! We are ashtray looking forward to next year! I may not have been 41 weeks but I didn't do much...I took long naps in the cabin! Lol! Looking forward to next year....maybe illdo some other activities!

  2. I always LOVE family camp!!!! I love every part of it except the insane time of packing...:-)



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