My Cousin

Our tea party!

Allison and Julia

Abigail and Abby

Abby, Abby, Allison, and Julia ;-)

Michael and David
Since my last post, my cousin, Cara, and her three little ones came to visit us. It's been years since we last saw each other. When I was a little girl, I remember coming to Bremerton to visit my Aunt Holly and Uncle Tom and cousins, Cara and Brienna. Who would have thought that one day the tables would be turned and as adults they'd have to come to Bremerton to visit me?! We had a great time. Naomi prepared a tea party with egg salad sandwiches, carrot sticks, and blueberry cake. Our girls got along wonderfully. Her oldest and Julia are just about the same age and have very similar interests. It was so nice to have them and extra nice since I had furniture to sit on! (since I didn't have any when she got a hold of me to ask if they could stop by!) Here are some pictures of our day together.


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