Our Newest Boyscout!

Ready to go!
The crew!
Michael is officially a Boyscout! He goes to his first meeting tonight! He is quite excited. I am so thankful that we happened to have some outgrown uniforms!


  1. Soooooo handsome!!! Of course good looks kind of run in our family so what can I say! ;-) Just Kidding!! My little brothers all look adorable in their uniforms. Now we have just one more to get rid of... I mean send off into the beginning realms of manhood. ;-0
    May you have loads of fun and learning in this new step of life.



  2. hahah! Naomi! hes got what... 8 years!? (not sure) the other boys will be eagles by then right? hehehe good luck Michael.

  3. Look at all those handsome young men!

  4. YAY Michael!!!! Mrs. Houston, are you sure you have enough lapel room for all your "mom pins"? LOL Hugs, Grace


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