Selah Joy

Happy girl- headed to the doctor's!
     Selah is nine months old and had her well baby check up today! She is 20 pounds- 80%, 28 1/2"- 80%, and her head circumference is 96%! She did a great job at the doctor's office! Of course, I'm sure it helped that she was doted over by everyone the moment we arrived! Our doctor's wife carried her around and showed her off. She only fussed a little bit when she got her finger poked, and then just watched with curiosity as they squeezed blood from it! Selah is crawling and climbing on everything. She pulls herself up to stand and is starting to walk around furniture. She has four teeth and is enjoying a vast array of flavors in her baby food! This little darling is full of joy and is a delight to all of us! We love our Selah girl!
great store!
Mom has the camera, I'd better go and attack!
     On our way home from ladies' retreat, we found a little gift shop that had the neatest name.........


  1. She is soo cute and growng up soo fast!
    Celeste Warring

  2. I LOVE her grin! I can't believe she's standing... when did that happen??!!! I've been "gone" too long. Sure missed the Ladies Retreat... next year, right?? Hugs, Grace


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