Today.... I am needing to put up a new post.  I am slacking in the posting department lately, and I can hear part of the reason at this very moment.  Selah is in the back room crying.  She has a cold, a stuffy nose and dark circles under her eyes, also a low grade fever.  Poor baby.  We had her six month well baby check up last week.  She weighs in at 17 pounds! and she is 27 inches tall.   What a big girl.  Her clothes are 9-12 months.  The dress she is wearing right now is an eighteen month and it isn't too big!!  The sleeves to her blouse are a tad too long, but not enough to look silly!  She now has two teeth and seems to be working on the top two.  You know she isn't feeling well when I can have her sitting in my lap and still manage to type without her grabbing at the keyboard! :-) (in case you hadn't figured it out, I didn't leave her crying in the back room)

So, what's going on today?  Well, let's take a look.

Today I am wearing....a tan skirt with a black blouse, and yes, shoes (ugh!)

I am praying.....for friends, needing God's guidance in studies for ladies' retreat

Outside my window......the sun keeps peeking through the clouds, battling with the rain.  Wondering which one will win?

In the learning room....Worked on alphabet recognition with sounds and tracing/writing those letters. (preschoolers and kindergartener), corrected several math tests, working on typing with those 8 and up, memorizing Latin chants: amo amas amat amamus amatis amant, sum es est sumus estis sunt, also nouns, verbs and interjections, and derivatives: amicus, canis,caput, domus, mater, pater, puella, puer, vir, audio,cogito,laudo, sum, vivo,salve,valez, et, amo.  All very fun to see how our English language comes through! Reviewed with the middle grades nouns (latin nomen, meaning name),common and proper, and worked on verbs (latin verbum meaning word), penmanship and learning cursive for Julia, the rest is vague as the older grades don't need me quite as much, and some subjects vary such as history and logic.

I am reading....trying to finish, "Marriage to a Difficult Man"~ a book about Jonathan and Sarah Edwards. It's a great book and has been a real encouragement to me!

My always in the process of dirt vs. clean, laundry is backed up, but that's the worst of it. ;-) a hodge podge of things as we have a potluck every Wednesday Bible study.  Anna made taco soup and snicker doodles to bring.  Yum!

Well, that's all I can think of right now and, really, all I have time for for now.  Until later.......  Let the light of Christ shine through you.

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