What Would Their Names have been?????

Babies, babies, babies...With so many babies around, we get talking about..what else? Baby Names!!!!  It's fun to think back to when I was expecting each baby and remember names we discussed, and names we might've used had they been the other gender.  Sometimes we even changed the same gender name after the birth or, in one instance, after announcing another name!!  So here are the names we thought of for each of our children as best as I can remember (I only don't remember one of them and that is what Daniel would've been had he been a girl)

Naomi Jean:  other girl names we discussed were Natalie and Victoria.  The boy name was Nathanael!

Anna-Renee Ruth:  We had Sarah picked out until my S-I-L gave birth to a girl 6 wks before me and used that name!  I wanted Abigail, Craig chose Anna.  He wanted Anna Ruth (Ruth is after Craig's grandma), I didn't think it flowed so well and wanted Anna Renee.  Craig decided to compromise and named her Anna-Renee Ruth (so her first name is actually Anna-Renee)  Had she been a boy she would've been Jared Ray (Ray was after Craig's grandpa)

Samuel Craig:  Moriah Faith.  (Moriah as in the land of Moriah and Faith for the Faith Abraham had to bring his son to Moriah as a sacrifice unto the Lord)  Why we never ended up using this name?  A: Everyone who heard the name asked if it was after MAriah Carey!!  No thanks.

Daniel Craig:  Originally had Jeremiah Douglas picked out.  Craig LOVED the name Daniel and I very much disliked that name! (you know when you know of someone that gives you the creeps, it becomes distasteful?) Douglas is Craig's middle name, but when we changed the first name to Daniel, I thought it might sound weird to have Daniel Douglas.  I don't know, I now think it sounds just fine! BTW, I love the name Daniel now!!!  for all who may be wondering! ;-)  And, I really don't remember a girl name.

Nathanael Craig:  Julia.  I was reading in my devotions while expecting him and read Romans 16.  Julia is in a list of believers names.  I loved it from that moment on!

Michael Craig:  I really wanted Joshua!  I was thinking that we didn't have any more rhyming names for boys, but Craig convinced me we should focus on the "el" ending....I'm soooo glad we did!!  As "el" means "of God"  Each of our boys' names have great meanings and they are so proud of them!  Girl name?  Julia (of course!)

Julia Katherine:  Gabriel.  But I really wasn't sold on it. (no offense to those who have a Gabriel, I just really didn't like it for a few years!)

Lydia Grace:  Gabriel.  Again, I still did NOT like it, but I knew Whatever Craig wanted, Craig would get! ;-)

Abigail Faith:  Actually was named Amelia for 3 hours!  We had even called our children and told them they had a new baby sister named Amelia Joy!  Three hours later, we called back and said we had changed our mind, her name was instead Abigail Faith! (Why not Joy?  Abigail means "my father's joy" so I didn't want a name that meant, "my father's joy joy")  Boy name:  Tossed between Gabriel, Lemuel, and Ezekiel.

Ezekiel Craig:  SELAH JOY!!!  Fell in love with the name from the beginning of this pregnancy!  Knew someone who had a Selah way back when we only had five kiddos, thought it was pretty, but kind of forgot about it until this time. Was so thrilled when we got the opportunity on the very next baby!

Selah Joy:  Lemuel.  Love the meaning of it!  "One who belongs to God" or "devoted to God"

There you have it, folks!  The story of each of my children's names!  A fun trip down memory lane for me.  And to answer anyone who may be wondering why Craig for all the boys' middle names????  No, it's not out of conceit, but with the name change after Daniel was born, we just thought that we didn't want any of our boys feeling left out of being a name sake of their daddy!  So, we gave their daddy's name to all of them!  And they are so proud of it!!!!


  1. i like this post. so fun. we want to see some MORE family photos that were recently taken!!

  2. Once we have paid for the pictures, then I can share, but I am choosing to be cautious at this time. ;-)

  3. I love the names they ended up with.... it suits them. I know, I'd probably say the same thing if I was use to them with the other names. You think of the neatest posts.... me, I get too reflective. Oh well... I love your new background! How do you do that? So much to learn.... I did good just finally figuring out how to "cut and paste". LOL Hugs, Grace

  4. Actually Grace, it's quite easy! I chose the cutest blog on the block because it's very easy! Google it and click on the free backgrounds, pick one out and click on it, then follow their instructions from there!

  5. Thanks... I have to give it a try. I have an idea of what I would like... hope they have it. :) Praying for you all. Hugs, Grace

  6. Neat! I love them just the way they are!
    ~Rachel L.
    PS: Lemuel is great and not overused!

  7. What a fun post! Just love it when you said..."way back when we only had 5 kids"...that made me laugh since we have 5 kids and sometimes that feels like a lot to me!!
    (I wouldn't mind a few more blessings, but...oh well, the Lord knows. :)


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