Almost there!

New niece #1, Grace
New niece #2, Amelia
New niece #3, Joanna
We are getting closer to being caught up!  After our crazy week, we had the chance to go and visit family!  The third week of February, we got to meet THREE new nieces!!! We have a new nephew as well but he lives in Utah, a bit far for a week's trip!

Aww, cousin time!
At Fultano's
More cousin time!
Julia and Zeke
Michael and a cousin in Seaside
Wearing Grandpa's reading glasses!
Dad and Daniel at the hat shop..and sporting that broken wrist!
We started the week out with Daniel falling and landing on his arm.  Yes, x-rays proved what my suspicions were.....a broken wrist.  Well, after spending hours at the doctors, we finally pulled out of our driveway all packed up and ready for a week off.  We drove to Astoria, OR where we had our "Christmas" with grandparents and aunties, uncles, and cousins...oh the fun to be had!  We of course went to our favorite spot, Fultano's Pizza twice!  And as we headed out of town we stopped at the bakery and got fresh from the oven cardamom rolls- YUM!!!  From there, we travelled to Idaho and spent the next three nights at a hotel.  The children got to swim, swim, swim!  I found out that Zekers is a bit of a fish!  We enjoyed fellowship with new friends and then travelled to Royal City, WA where Craig's sister and her family live. After a few hours there, we headed on back home.

Zoom in and see my tooth!
Look at the new space in my mouth!
Since getting home, we had couples' retreat and this last week we have worked on getting a routine back to somewhat "normal", whatever that is! ;-) And while one little girl lost her first tooth and is working on losing a second, another little girl got her first tooth and likewise is working on her second!  Milestones everywhere!  So this concludes our February and gets us all caught up on the happenings at the Houston household.
Here's my tooth!


  1. Thanks for sharing ALL the pictures.... the new babies are SOOOOO Adorable! Way to go Zeke!!! I cannot believe he is swimming! He's getting so big... wait a minute.... he's always been big. LOL Glad you all finally got to go on your family trip.... hoping you get a chance to see and hold your new nephew sometime soon. Hugs, Grace

  2. Whew!! You were so busy last month! We've all been rather sick for the past month and so have been home most of the time, which is unusual for us, but sort of a nice break. :)


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