Putting the Pieces Together.....

This past week, we were slated to go to Astoria, OR, for a much needed break.  Monday morning; however, we got a phone call telling us that family members were throwing up.  I was so very sad as I was looking forward to meeting my two new nieces and introducing Selah to her aunties, uncles, and cousins. It was going to be a family reunion of sorts.  Since people were sick, and we had just had the same illness the week before, we decided the place to be was home, which is a no brainer.  Thankfully, my sweet and very smart husband had purchased a 1000 piece puzzle and some games.  I had wondered as he purchased these items, when we were supposed to work on them, seeing we were to be away for the week.  Well, turns out we had plenty of time to do just that!  So, our children and us adults played many games and sporadically pieced together our puzzle.   We played Uno and Racko, we also set up Axis and Allies but the instructions are a large manuel that we found out will take an experienced A & A player to teach us!!!  So, though our game stayed set up for many days, it never was played.  Amazingly enough, we were able to keep the puzzle on a card table in the living room without too much incident from a certain 2 year old and 4 year old! ;-)  Monday, daddy surprised us all with the announcement that since it was technically a federal holiday, we could have one more day off of school!  The children were just as excited as I was!  Later in the day, I found the puzzle had been tampered with.....I wonder who could've done that?!  "Zeke!  Where did you put the puzzle pieces?!!!!"  Thankfully I discovered them just under the table and finished the thing...except for the one missing piece that is.  Why is it, every time we get a puzzle, we always end up with one missing piece?  Yesterday morning, I awoke to the cheering of the boys as they decided to lift the couch and look under it just in case that piece happened to have crawled under it.  And to everyone's amazement, it was there!!  So, in the end, the entire puzzle was complete...we were able to put all the pieces together!


  1. Beautiful puzzle picture! I'm glad you all were able to REALLY relax on this "vacation" even though you weren't able to go see your family. Hugs, Grace

  2. RJ is an experienced A&A player!! WHEN you all come over, you'll have to bring it so he can give lessons!!


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