Snow Days At the Houstons....

The view from our window
We are mean, I'll admit it.  But one of the joys of homeschooling is.......NO SNOW DAYS!!!  Bwahahahahaha!  We are truly mean, our children are around the table, doing school work in a house filled with the warmth of a fire in the wood stove~ mean, terrible... the longing in the eyes of the students as they peer through the window, looking at the fluffy white snow...........
Busy, busy! ;-)


  1. Dad declared a snow day here.... but they're JUST now going out! Correction... Benjy's been out to take care of the wood for the fire (he loves working in the snow) and Joseph has been out several times with Rodeo (who LOVES it). Emilee's been waiting all day.... Oh well, it wasn't a total loss... inside chores DID get done... as well as a few games of phase 10 and skip-bo. Me... I'd still love to go build a snowman! Never too old for that, right??! LOL Hugs, Grace

  2. Okay... I did go out... but it was too dry! I'll try again tomorrow. Just might build a whole snow family.... I don't think I could last long enough to build one YOUR family size though! LOL :) Hope you're having fun with your family this week. Love ya, Grace


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