A Little Bit of Snow

Snow! Yay!
Snow.  It comes with mixed feelings.  I love a beautiful landscape covered in that lovely white, but I don't much care for the wet melty stuff that the children insist on playing in.  Today we had the wet slushy stuff and the children insisted on playing in it.  They were so excited!  Of course it's lots of fun watching it come down, kind of like we are in a snow globe!  But then...."Mommy, can we go out and play now? Please?"  and this is heard until I finally reply with a, "Okay, get your stuff on and you can play for a bit."  This is ALWAYS followed by the scrambling around and trying to find gloves for both hands, not just one hand, the hat that fits, multiple socks, boots...hmm....where did they all go?  They were just under foot the other day when the sun was out....yes, the sun!  Today did end in sunshine as well, but we are told to expect more snow tonight.

Having fun
 I must explain the yellow snow pants on Zeke.  The little girls all have snow pants, and this particular pair are actually pink with yellow inside.  I turned them inside out so they could be "boyish" enough.  He STILL did NOT want to put those "pink" pants on!!  It took lots of coaxing, but we finally won.  He put them on and we covered the pink zipper with his BLUE jacket, red gloves and black boots all helped to make him look very BOY.  And I must say, he sure seemed to not mind once he made it outside in the snow... oh the fun to be had!!!

Maybe the look has something to do with the pants?
Ready to go!
I am thankful, though, the roads were all clear so we could drive to Selah's dr. appt.  She is 4 1/2 months old now!  She weighed in at 15lbs 5 oz...70%, 26 inches.....92%, and her head circumference 43cm...88%!!!  She was a chatter box throughout her appointment, that is, until she got her shots!  How sad!  She recovered quickly though!


  1. Cute pictures. I didn't get any due to the fact that I was rummaging through the barn looking for the lost box of snow boots...still a mystery. I can identify with the pink pants, lost sock, mitten, long johns, etc. Ha, Ha! Love the pic of Selah. I thought she had reindeer antlers on her hat at first glance, but it was just the carseat cover. Glad they had fun!

  2. Wow, I can't believe Selah is so big already! The snow looks like great fun! We haven't gotten much here yet, surprisingly. :)

  3. GOOD JOB, ZEKE!!! :-)

  4. I agree with Sasha, it does look like Selah has antlers. She SOOO cute!!! Lots of snow here (both days).... fun, fun, fun.... that is, when you don't have to drive in it! Gld you all (including Zeke) are enjoying it. Hugs, Grace


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