Where Oh Where Does Time Go?

A whole month has passed since the birth of our darling Selah Joy.  I haven't been faithfully posting...I wonder why?  Life has been a bit busy, as it is for everybody.  My recovery is going much better.  I turned a corner at about 3 1/2 weeks post baby.  My headache is gone, my neck no longer hurts, Selah slept for 6 hours last night so I slept for 6 hours last night, and so on and so forth.  With the gaining of my strength has come a strong desire to get back to a normal routine.  But what in the world is normal?!  I don't even know!  We are starting back up on our home education this week.  We went through the summer so we could legitimately take a month off during baby recovery time.  We are quite excited and a bit nervous as we venture out of our "norm" and begin with new curricula.  Leaning toward a more classical approach of grammar, logic, and rhetoric.  More curriculum needs to be ordered, but we have enough to begin.

Daniel and Zeke with swords Daniel made
Life has been, shall I say a bit interesting lately?  Or maybe I should say exciting?  But definitely not boring!  We have had much going on in ministering to others, relationships growing, anniversaries to celebrate, a baby dedication, learning how to deal with another little baby in the house, getting ready for school to start, an accident, and just day to day stuff to name a few things!

Zeke reading to Selah
My parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary on September 11.  We had them and my sister with her family come up to celebrate (a couple weeks late).  They came up last Sunday, so we decided to have Selah dedicated that same day.  I'll post pictures of that later.  While my parents were here, my children were outside riding their bikes when Naomi came running into the house.  "Dad! Come quickly, Daniel's hurt really bad!"  she shouted.  My husband and dad went to the truck and drove to the end of the road to see what had happened.  My neighbor had already driven him home as he happened to be driving past.  Thankfully, Daniel wasn't badly injured, though he flipped over the bike.  He lost a permanent (front) tooth, and hurt his wrist.  The tooth popped clean out!  The roots and everything....no chips or breaks so we put it into a cup of milk and off he and daddy went to the emergency room.  X-rays didn't show any breaks in the wrist so it is a bad sprain with a possible fracture (hard to see in the growth plates), and the tooth was shoved back into the gaping hole and is being held there with resin, hoping the roots will reattach.
Abby holding the fattest, coolest caterpillar I've ever seen in these parts!

A close up of that very cool caterpillar!
Daniel with a missing tooth
Another picture of Zeke and Selah, this time she's calmed down!
I know you're in pain, but say "cheese"!
Zeke, learning to drive, Wait! Not yet!!! ;-)
I am looking forward to worshipping tomorrow in the Lord's House.  Listening to great preaching, fellowshipping with brothers and sisters in Christ, singing praise to my Heavenly Father.  And then I am looking forward to the beginning of yet another week to serve the Lord!!!!!


  1. I now that life married to me (a difficult man :)), with eleven children and being in the ministry (which seems to never slow down), is a wild ride. But, since we are on this wild ride of life, I must say I am glad I am riding with you and the most awesome children ever.

    I love you Emily!!! You are the most amazing woman in the World.

  2. Normal is easy.... just make a "new normal". Maybe easier said than done??? I love the pictures of Zeke "reading" to Selah... too cute! Hugs, Grace

  3. 1 month??! NO!! Time really IS flying buy!! I LOVE Julia's facial expression with the BIG catapilar-HILARIOUS! That photo of daniel is...gross. hopefully it reattaches!! Bud LOVES those little cars...we will be getting him one of them when we have enough space! I cant believe our boys will be 2 soon!!!

  4. Wow! That does seem unbelievable--a whole month already! Thanks for the pics. The one's of Daniel make me cringe--ouch! I like your new blog look by the way. Fall is my favorite! Also like the arrangement :). Thanks for taking time to update us!

  5. Congratulations on the new little one! I enjoyed visiting your blog for a little while today...I found it through a comment you left on Nancy Wilson't blog post for minter's wives :-)


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