Aaaahhh!  Zeke has lost his "DeDe"!!!  What in the world are we going to do?!  You know, the one that he sucks on as if his life depended on it, the one we can't be without for more than a couple of hours while it gets washed.  And we are headed out to a conference........WITHOUT it!!!

Hmmmm.....maybe this is both a curse and a blessing.  Maybe this is the way to get him to quit sucking on that bit of nastiness (by the way, he has been oh so healthy, must be from all the bacteria he ingests from that blanket). Well, we shall see how this "cold turkey" thing goes.


  1. I can't imagine how in the world you could lose that... it's rarely out of his sight. You could just follow your nose. I'm sorry, that was probably rude to say, but you must admit that it is kind of "unforgettable". I do feel sorry for Zeke.... and your family. I'll be praying for his comfort... and your sanity! (I didn't know you were going to a conference this week... Wed. night??) Hugs, Grace

  2. Ha ha! Love the picture that you posted with this! I hope there won't be too much trauma for you. Maybe he'll be distracted by all of the different activity? Or not. Maybe I'll just pray for you you. :)

  3. Hey, that's how Owen was weaned from his binkies!!It actually worked great, didn't allow us to be weak when he fussed. Maybe the conference will keep him distracted. I feel bad for him and for you, lol!! Owen's binkies were lost sometime in the spring and we literally never found ONE of them until about a month ago!
    Love you, Michelle

  4. OH MY!!!! LOL!!!!!!!! Let me know how it goes ;)

  5. I KNOW WHERE IT IS!!!! I SAW IT YESTERDAY! You can text/call me if you would like to know where it is so you can have it back...or burn it. Whichever works ;)



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