Once Upon a Time.......

Once upon a time, six years ago to be exact, a precious baby girl was brought into this world.  We named her Lydia Grace Houston.  She is a sweet, tender hearted little girl who loves to please all she comes in contact with.  Her smile lights up even the darkest of days.  Though she is small in stature, her heart is big and filled with love.  Her desires for today include German pancakes for breakfast, Noah's Ark for lunch with Daddy and Mommy,  BBQ chicken with mashed potatoes for dinner, and chocolate cream pie for dessert.  Here are a few facts about her (in her own words):

What is your favorite color?  Red
What is your favorite thing to do?  spend time with mommy and daddy
What is your favorite food?  biscuits and gravy with bacon
What is your favorite memory?  when we went to Noah's Ark with our family
What do you want to be when you grow up?  a nurse
What is your favorite dessert?  pie!
What is your favorite holiday?  Christmas
What are you most thankful for?  God, and for my family, and my mom and dad
beautiful baby

We love our Lydia Grace so very much!  It is a joy to have her as a part of our family!  We praise the Lord for allowing us this awesome privilege of raising her up.  We look forward to seeing just how God will use her in days and years to come.


  1. Lydia Grace has such a sweet disposition. It is always a joy to see her at church. Nearly all the time she is smiling. Happy Birthday Lydia!!

    Brother Rick Potvin

  2. she is such a cutie & she has such a sweet spirit!!! I can not believe she is 6!!!!!! Happy Birthday Sweetie!!

  3. I think out of all your younger children, Lydia is the closest to me, I love you Lydia!


  4. Happy 6th birthday, Lydia Grace! Enjoy your day filled with your favorite things!

  5. Wow...6 years already? I remember the day she was born...visiting you guys in the hospital with Jason and Jaimee after visitation. I was only 13 then...somewhere between the age Samuel and Daniel are now! Time sure does fly! Happy birthday Lydia!

  6. Happy Birthday Lydia! We are so blessed to be here and look forward to spending more time with you. Sammy and Jeremiah wish you a Happy day! Love, Mrs. Smith

  7. Happy birthday (again) Lydia Grace! Something special coming for you tonight! :) ~ Mrs. Potvin

  8. Happy Birthday Lydia; we hope you have a wonderful day.

    You are a precious little girl and we love you.

    The Olsen Family

  9. Happy Birthday...a little late.....Sweet Girl!! We Love You!!


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