Julia Is Eight!!!

Julia....8 years old!
I can hardly believe that it has been eight years since the Lord gave us our precious baby girl!  Julia is a delightful young lady who loves her family and loves the Lord with all of her heart.  Some of her favorite things to do are reading, playing, and just hanging out with the family.  Julia is in the third grade and doing very well.  She is also learning such home making skills as gathering, sorting, and folding  laundry, washing and drying dishes, setting the table, and dusting furniture.  I know this seems like a lot for a little girl, but she is in training to one day become a wife and mommy!  Don't worry, she gets plenty of play time as well!  She loves riding her bike and also her scooter.  Recently, she and her big brothers, Nathanael and Michael, caught over 40 frogs!  They love to catch gross slimy things!  While she may enjoy those yucky things, she also enjoys being a princess, dressing up all pretty and spinning around for all to see.  My baby girl is growing up all too quickly.

Today, she requested cinnamon rolls for breakfast, Red Robin for lunch, and a baked potato bar for dinner.
I love my JuJuBee!!!
Julia as a baby
Love the look!
Julia and Michael enjoying a boat ride


  1. Happy Birthday to "my cheeto friend"!!!! I always enjoy your company, sweet girl! You were just a baby when we moved here... you're growing up too fast. Be sure to see me tomorrow night at church (if your family's not on the "Eastside"). Love you lots, Mrs. Potvin

  2. Happy birthday my sweet little sister!! I love you so much!! I am so glad god gave me a little sister like you!
    love you lots,

  3. She is so precious, I just love her bright, spunky personality. She is so very full of life. BUT... EW... what in the world is Abby holding?!?! I would make the exact same face, Julia!

    Jenny Savage

  4. Happy Birthday to a precious girl-I love seeing your beautiful smiling face at church on Sundays and Wednesday night class.

    Mrs. Olsen

  5. Happy birthday girly! I can't believe how big your getting!! I love the 1st photo of you!!!! Your smile is sooo beautiful!!! I love you lots girly girl! And may your b-day be full of fun and laughter!!!! Celeste Warring
    Keep Smiling!=D;D:D

  6. wow....8. Can not believe it!!!!

    Happy Birthday julia! We love you!!! =)


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