Simply Amazing! Day +20!

Anna's transplant poster

Love and Support
Today is day +20. The morning started rather early with a baby who needed comfort as she could not breathe through her nose! I rubbed her down with vapor rub, gave her some cough medicine, and rocked her for quite some time before attempting to put her back into her own again. She ended up at my side, the left side, because Zeke was already on my right side. So we squished but we finally fell asleep...on my part, only sort of. Fast forward a couple of 7:22 a.m., I woke with a start to a buzzing cell phone. I grabbed it quickly and noticed it was my husband's phone number. I answered a bit groggily and heard Anna's voice on the other end. "Mom? I'm sorry to wake you, but we have some news." I asked if we had gotten to 500. Anna answered, "532!" If it weren't for the two sleeping babies at my sides, I'm sure all of Washington State would've heard me shoutin' Hallelujah!! We praised the Lord together and then Craig led the three of us in a prayer of thanksgiving for the good news and for continued and complete healing for our dear daughter. If her numbers stay 500 or more tomorrow, she will officially be considered fully "grafted"!!!! What an exciting day! What a blessing to have such answers to all of our many prayers! And still, no need for a red cell transfusion!

During rounds, the doctors and staff discussed the goals from here on out. Not wanting to rush things too quickly, we understand that some things need to happen before Anna will be able to get short breaks from the hospital. They will start weaning Anna from IV meds to oral. She also must start eating food. We need her to be as healthy as possible! She has, of course, already done a great job of remaining physically active and this is very good. I look forward to the day we can walk hand in hand out into the warm sunshine of the day!!
Daddy's little girl

Being grafted does not mean that we are out of the woods yet. It just means that Anna's body is now producing cells from Daniel's. We still must pray that her body will accept them as her own and that his cells will accept her body as their own. The graft will soon begin to do it's job and work on healing the sores throughout Anna's digestive tract. This will likely cause a bit more pain before it gets better. Swelling will also be an issue as the damaged tissues heal. Our biggest concern from this point on is GVH (graft versus host disease). This is where Daniel's cells recognize Anna's body as not their own and thus begin to attack her body as a foreign object. This is the point when lung and/or liver failure is most common as the cells attack those vital organs. Also, as she still has zero immune system, any kind of illness could cause major setbacks. We are, however, hopeful that with all of the good news, Anna will get to come home in a couple of weeks. We are preparing for her return, I am needing to brush up on the manual that teaches how to care for the immune suppressed patient. Bleach will become our new best friend. That and paper towels! Our complete thought process on life has to change for the next year! With all of that, I am so anxious to get my girl back in our home! Amongst her family!! I miss her terribly!! We miss her terribly!

The above picture is of Anna's transplant day poster. These posters are hand made by a husband of a nurse at Children's. Actually, I believe there are two husbands that work on them. At the beginning of Anna's treatment, she was given a sheet to fill out, telling about her interests and things she's done. These men then take that info and create these beautiful posters, using everything the patient has written about themselves. And then all of the nurses sign it. It now hangs on her door. The next picture is a precious one to me. Anna and Daniel both sporting their new looks. I love the bond that these two will always have with one another! And these pictures, I might add, were posted with a bit of a reluctant permission. It is a hard thing to be a beautiful young lady and to lose your hair! Very emotional, and I waited until Anna was ready. All I have to say is, she is still beautiful! No matter what! Cancer has not been able to take that from her! She is beautiful inside and out! Thank you Lord for this young woman that I have the privilege to call daughter! Lord, continue to give her strength, continue to use her for your honor and glory! May the light shine no matter what should come our way. Thank you for Anna's sweet spirit, her desire to share you with others, and for her precious smile! Thank you for answering our prayers!


  1. I love following your blog and the journey you are on. Anna is indeed beautiful, her beauty consists of things much more precious than her hair. I rejoice with you all over every piece of good news and weep over the trials. You are all counted very blessed to be entrusted with the privilege of these trials. I pray God will continue to sustain you and give you the desires of your heart. Pauli

  2. Yay! I'm the first to comment! This is very exciting news! Its just another step closer to healing! Praise Jesus!

    Love <3,

  3. Anna, you're as beautiful as ever! Actually, even more so. The abounding grace and joy of The Lord is so radiant in your face. Praying for continued success in this process. As we have already seen, God is doing great things, and I trust He will continue to do so.

    Love you so much!
    Sarah S.

  4. PRAISE THE LORD!!!! He is doing many marvellous things in amd through you! Praying those numbers stay up! Love you Anna! ALWAYS Beautiful!! Many, many hugs, Mrs. Potvin

  5. Praise the Lord!!! What a tremendous blessing... Wow 532!! Will keep praying for Anna that her body will accept the cells from Daniel. Thank you for sharing.

    God Bless you,
    Pr. 3:5-6

  6. She is beautiful! Praying for Anna~~~~Lisa Banks

  7. How wonderful! The Lord has blessed abundantly indeed! We join you in praising the Lord and continuing to pray for Anna's healing.

    Thank you so much for sharing the great news - especially when you have your hands so full!

    Love to each and every one of you!
    Suemes :-)

  8. The poster idea is so sweet and thoughtful :) You ARE beautiful inside and out, Anna! Love you and can't wait to visit! :)

  9. Is there any way/place to send a card to Anna?

  10. We have appreciated your updates tremendously! They give us specific details to pray for Anna and your family on a daily basis and bring such encouragement. Anna's smile is beautiful and shines with such joy and hope! Rejoicing with you in this great news!
    Praying in Spokane,
    The Poole Family

  11. Anna,
    We have been keeping up and praying. You are beautiful! Gorgeous really, from your eyes Gods love shines.....and this beauty shines thru so brightly that this is what people see first, your outside beauty is equally so. I love you and am praying the good news continually flows from Gods loving hands. ~April N.

  12. Anna,

    You are still beautiful Inside & Out! Your smile is even more amazing & beautiful-it lights up your entire face! Whenever Rhiannon smiles I think of you BC like you when she smiles it lights up her entire face & puts a huge smile on everyones face who sees her! Can not wait for theday for you to be able to hold & love on Rhiannon! She has the biggest smile on her face when I show her pictures of you! She loves her Anna! We love you also & are still praying for you!

  13. Our neighbor's son has an auto immune disease, so @ age 10 he is bald, and has been for a few years.
    Anna, we like to see pictures of your beautiful smile, to see that indeed you are doing "well". I know it must be hard, but trust the LORD.
    Praying for continued strength and healing.

  14. Praise Praise Praise God! He is GOOD!
    Anna, you are incredibly brave and just as BEAUTIFUL as always! Love you!

    Amber Bernard

  15. Amen! She is beautiful and so is Daniel, but most of all, He is Beautiful! Thank you Lord. May your name be praised for who you are and for your kindness to all. Thank you Emily for keeping us all on-board by sharing the journey.

  16. What a glorious day! Praise the Lord! Anna, I hope you already know that I think you are one of the most beautiful and encouraging people (inside and out) that I have ever met. You continually amaze and encourage me. Praise the Lord for your good news today! The Hilsons

  17. I told Anna before she left for the hospital that If anyone can sport bald beautifully, it would be her,and she does !!
    Anna you look wonderfully beautiful !!! wear it proudly, it is your badge of honor, you have fraught a long hard battle and with the Lord as your strong tower, your sword and shield, you will continue to fight and in the end you will win.
    Love you sweetie.
    Cyber (((HUGS !!)))

  18. That is wonderful news.:) Thank you very much for keeping us all updated.:) What a beautiful daughter you have.:) might already know this but Peppermint essential oil will help with anyone not feeling well. If you have the stomach flu rub in on your spine, for cold you can do the same you can also put it on your face (forehead & around nose) and for headaches on forehead and back of neck.:) Just smelling it does wonders.:)

    Ashley W

  19. Wow, I am continually amazed by God's amazing answers to prayer. I will keep praying for Anna and that she will continue to stay healthy and not reject Daniel's cells. God is being magnified in this situation. I love you guys.

  20. What an answer to prayer!
    You are beautiful Anna!

  21. My first thought when I saw her picture was of what a beautiful face she has! And cute head too :-) She is a beauty. We are praising God for the good news.

  22. The Simao FamilyJune 20, 2013 at 3:24 PM


    Praise God for such high counts!

    You're as beautiful as ever!

    Hugs and prayers from all of us!


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