Day +26 Update

 Anna has had a couple of talented ladies who have made her gorgeous hats! This top one is from Annie M. in Moscow, ID and the Gray hat is from Rachel K. from our church. The scarf was a gift from her daddy for her birthday. Also, notice the dangly earrings....compliments of Mrs. Mandery! The boys came for a visit the other day and we all had a bunch of fun. They have all kinds of neat things for patients and their siblings! Michael rode this contraption around and around! He must've done at least 2 miles!!!

Today is day +26 and Anna does have mild GVHD. The pics of her esophagus showed some red irritation and so she has been started on methyl prednisone and another med, beclomethasone, to help. The prednisone helped boost her already climbing numbers. Yesterday her ANC was 1610 and today it's 3312! They are still hopeful for a possible discharge next Thursday (they won't discharge on a Friday as she will have to be seen in clinic the very next day), but are thinking maybe the following Monday instead. They need to see how she reacts to her new meds and the GVHD. We are getting anxious!

 Yesterday, I had the privilege of taking Naomi out for a girls' day! We wanted to get her some new outfits for her senior pictures. We had a ton of fun, looking, trying things on, making fun of some styles, and being silly! We also enjoyed time getting lunch and just catching up a bit on life together. We were both quite excited to find a beautiful dress with all of the accessories to match... and shoes! I even found some new maternity things! We both felt very spoiled! The day ended all too soon, but we look forward to getting out again soon!
The new outfit minus the jewelry..


  1. So glad You and Naomi had a great time together. Thanks to the ladies who have spoiled me with beautiful hats, and jewelry.

    Anna Houston

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  2. Still praying, Anna! Love the earrings! :) Naomi, it is so cool that you and your mom got to spend a day together! CONGRATULATIONS on your graduation(or soon to be graduation?)!!!

  3. I love seeing all these pictures of Anna's bright smile, especially after knowing the rough time she's had. I'm so glad she's feeling better and that her body is accepting Daniel's marrow. I'm amazed and overwhelmed at the Lord's work in this whole process. Praise Him! I will continue to pray that this GVHD will do its work and that it will go away soon. And that Anna can come home Thursday or sooner!

    I'm glad you girls got some time together. Love the outfit, Naomi!

    Love you guys!
    Sarah S.

  4. Thanks for the update! I will keep praying and I really hope that Anna's able to come home next Thursday, as I can't imagine what being in a hospital for such a long period of time would be like. I'm still amazed at what God has already done. "O give thanks unto the Lord, for He is good: for His mercy endureth for ever. O give thanks unto the God of gods: for His mercy endureth for ever. O give thanks unto the Lord of lords: for His mercy endureth for ever. TO HIM WHO ALONE DOETH GREAT WONDERS: for His mercy endureth for ever." psalm 136:1-4. I love you guys.

  5. Praying to our Lord for you all, and praising our Lord for you all. I anxiously await every post and am glued to every word. Thank you for keeping us posted, and please greet and hug Anna for all the Tracht family.

  6. I love your beautiful smile Anna, I makes me smile every time I get to see it !!! BTW...I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the scarf!!!
    Such a fun look !! You are BEAUTIFUL!!!
    Keep smiling sweetie
    "(((Cyber HUG)))"
    Love you bunches

  7. Love all the hats, and love that Anna still has a smile on her face despite the pain she feels. Praying for her,and your family. PS. Naomi looks beautiful:)

  8. Good news all around. Our God is faithful.

    Bro. O

    p.s. Michael you need that thing for McKenna Falls road! How fast were you clocked at?

  9. Anna, you make all those hats looks great! Your numbers still amaze me! Praying for God to continue doing His work in you and that this GVHD will be gone soon.

    Naomi, the dress looks beautiful on you! Senior pics? Yay!!!! I can only imagine your excitement. Looks like you and your mom had tons of fun together!

    Missing you both... but glad you two are getting sister time together. Praying that you will ALL be home together SOON.

    ((HUGS)) & prayers,
    Mrs. Potvin

  10. It's so easy to pray for Anna. God has such special plans for her. I know how much He weeps when we are in pain. I went through so much pain and all the Houston children helped me through. All of them. They made me laugh....Naomi. I hope all of your children meet their full potential..what the Lord wants for them. Michael was the most interesting little guy and he amazed me with what came out of his mouth. I love the Houston kids and miss their hugs. Prayer for Holy Spirit to comfort for all of you. Gail Brown

  11. What encouraging news how that Anna has been doing so well. Will continue to pray for her body continues adjusting to the bone marrow from Daniel and to heal quickly from GVHD. In addition that she will be able to be able to go to your "summer home" as Pastor calls it. It will be a blessing to have the whole family under one roof as you've said.

    God Bless you,
    Rick Potvin
    Pr. 3:5-6

  12. So?! Did you get the glasses too? That was my favorite look on you all!!! LOL Thankful that the GVHD is only mild and treatable. Praying that it goes away quickly.

    Love you all!!


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