Anna Needs a Little Help Folks....

Anna is in quite a quandary! She needs YOUR help choosing the "perfect" wig! She really LOVES the patriotic theme, but then again, maybe a nice dread lock would be better? Hmmm... decisions, decisions...











Okay, as you may have guessed, that was all in fun, here is the one Anna chose. Daddy surprised her on Friday with an appointment at the SCCA boutique, Shine, to be fitted for a wig! This wig in particular put a "shine" in her eyes each time she put it on! She had the opportunity to order a wig, but trying them on is much more helpful when deciding on style, and the color is easier to decide on when you can see it in person. Also, the fit was easier. Anyway, we all know she doesn't need a wig to be beautiful, but it is nice when you don't want to be "noticed" while you're out and about.
The chosen one...front

.....And back


  1. Very lovely Anna!

    We are praying for you!

    Hugs dear!

    Sarah H.

  2. I love the wig Anna. I remember when I went through chemo, I was given a beautiful wig made out of human hair. I loved it because I felt "whole" with some hair on my head even if it wasn't my own.

    Praying for you.

  3. As I looked at each picture you should have seen the looks on my face. I just laughed at some of them. I LOVE the one that you chose.
    It really is so you. I bet it was fun trying on those crazy styles. Loved your smiles through them all. Big hugs to you and your new DOO..
    Love Jackie Harper

  4. Hmmm, I'm kind of torn between the red,white and blue and the dreads, but I'm leaning more towards the dread locks they are just soooo you !! ;-)
    Seriously though, I totally agree with your Mama, You are Beautiful with or without the "hair", I do love the one you chose, it suits you perfectly.

  5. Love love love the one she chose! absolutely BEAUTIFUL!
    Love you Anna and am always praying for you. :)

  6. Looks wonderful, but I think she needs one of those cabbage patch wigs/hats that are so popular now, lol! Haven't seen them? Look it up!! Most of us children of the 80's will find them awesome and horrifying at the same time!!!
    Love you, Anna,
    Love, Aunt Michelle

  7. Looks great but the beautiful smile is what makes you so very beautiful love you and Praying Theresa Pennington

  8. Great choice Anna! It looks perfectly stunning on you! Of course, we all see your beauty with or without, but as a female, I certainly understand. Hopefully you'll soon develop the confidence to go with or without when ever you want. This particular style is really cute on you! But, having gone thru nursing school (a few centuries ago) using a wig for ease of transformation from student, to nursing student, to person about town, so cap indentations weren't always present....I know how hot and itchy they can get! We continue to hold you and the rest of the family up in prayer. Don't get rid of that beautiful smile!

  9. Very chic. You belong in Paris for a day. You my dear are the absolute example of beauty inside and out. I am loving you from California.


  10. I'm disappointed in you, Anna. I think you really should've gone with the afro. Just kidding. :-) I really love the one you went with. Very always!

    Love you lots,
    Sarah S.

  11. Perfect choice! It looks really good. My favorite of the others, though, is #4. It looks like a crow kamikaze attack or something.

  12. It just enhances your beauty all the more! Love your choice, Anna. Hugs, Mrs. Potvin

  13. You look so cute! Love it!

  14. You look beautiful dear Anna. The one you chose is so cute on you. We love you and your family and continue in prayer. We are so thankful you and your family are all at home together again. We never stop missing you!
    The Olsen Family

  15. She looks great in all of them!! That's a very cute one that she picked!! :D

  16. Oh Anna, it looks lovely, and you look so healthy!! :-)

  17. I love the wig you chose! You look great. :) Continuing to keep you in prayer.

  18. So very beautiful :) We love you so much and are so happy you are getting out and about. I'm sure it feels good,to get out of the hospital room. Rob and Vickie Wiederrich

  19. i think it is perfect! i also kinda liked the color of #12,
    oh, and i don't know if you know who Claudia black is, but #7 reminded me of her when i saw it. <3 ray-ray

  20. Anna, you're beautiful as always! Continuing to pray for you.

    Janet Abbott

  21. She is a beautiful young lady!

  22. I love the chosen one! It looks so nice on her. Her beauty inside and outside will never change.
    Anna's fabulous smile brightens the pictures.
    I am so encouraged with the joy of the Lord that shows clearly, your family is a great testimony of His love.
    Continuously praying for Anna, and the rest of the family.

  23. You could just change your wig like some people do the rubberbands on their braces! Patriotic for July 4th, orange for Thanksgiving, red and green for Christmas...:)

    Seriously, I love the one you picked...beautiful!

  24. Anna,

    I agree that the choice you made was GREAT!! I also think that # 9 looked good. Of course as many others have already said you have such a beautiful smile that it wouldn't have mattered which one you picked.... well I'm not sure about #3 thru #5 they are a bit out there... : > ). Just for fun though #2 for independence day would DEFINITELY get some interesting looks. Keeping you in my prayers.

    In Christ,
    Mr. Potvin
    Pr. 3:5-6

  25. I love your look on number 4. Read this and another post to Grandma today. I was hoping to come visit before Grandma left for Iowa but someone has a cold and I don't think everyone's varying schedules will work. Hannah has been sitting Faith and will come home tonight and has her first day at a summer sitting job tomorrow. I love you all!

  26. Hi Anna
    Hannah and her friend Emma Gindorf just got their hair cut to donate to Locks of Love. They were thinking of you.
    With Love
    Emilie Cox

  27. She picked a lovely choice! I just love how it looks on her!

  28. Looks great Anna and my praying for you Anna
    Your friend


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