Wow!  Am I really old enough to have a 17 year old?!!!  I must be because Naomi is actually and officially 17 today!  It truly is a special memory~ my first born being handed to me by my sweet husband as he tells me, "It's a girl!" with tears flowing from his eyes.

Naomi is a blessing, I am so thankful for her!  She is a gift from God!  Her name means, "Pleasant" and she is a very pleasant young woman.  Young woman...yes, I said it, she is a young WOMAN!!!  When did this happen?  Right before my very eyes...and yes, it makes me both sad and thrilled ~a weird mixture of emotion. It has blessed my soul to see who and what she is becoming!  She loves the Lord with her whole being.  She honors the Lord with her actions, attitudes, and words.  She loves others and shows it everyday.  She honors her father and her mother.  She is becoming a Proverbs 31 woman.  She is one of my very best friends.  I love to spend time with her!!

her sweet 16 photos
She asked for waffles for breakfast (Yummy! Thank You for choosing my favorite!)  They actually became brunch as it takes a very long time to make them for 19 people!!  For dinner, she will be going with her dad and mom to Fondi's pizzeria for a fun date!  So, yes, I AM old enough to have a 17 year old...barely!! ;-)
My baby girl!


  1. Oh my goodness!! Happy Birthday Naomi - it's wonderful to see you become a woman of God. :)

  2. OH MY! 17??! Didn't she JUST turn 16...or at least is JUST felt like she turned 16!!!! This past year has flown by!!!!!

    Happy Birthday Naomi!! You are such a blessing! Love ya!!! ~Jeanne'

  3. Happy Birthday Naomi! You are a beautiful woman - inside and out. God Bless you. Love, The Smiths

  4. WOW! I can't believe she is 17 already! Happy Birthday to Naomi!

  5. Happy Birthday, Naomi! I love your sweet spirit and happy attitude! You are a blessing to the children that you teach at church. :)

    Jenny Savage

  6. Happy Birthday Naomi!!! I'm glad you had a special time on "your day". You have been such a blessing! I love you1 Hugs, Mrs. Potvin

  7. I appreciate Naomi very much. Her sweet spirit, good sense of humor, and beautiful countenance are such a blessing-happy 17th birthday, albeit belated.
    Mrs. Olsen


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