Happy 14th Birthday, Samuel!!!

Aww!  So cute!
Oh goodness!  My baby boy is 14!  He is turning into quite a handsome and very strong young man.  He is a very loving son and a very sweet brother!  The little ones look up to him as he strives to be a good example.  He loves the Lord, and enjoys serving in the church as an usher and in the choir.  He has a great goal of becoming an eagle scout in the boy scouts of America, for which he is very close.  He shows great leadership abilities and is enjoying the 8th grade.  All I can say is.... I love having teenagers!!!!!  Our relationship is so different than when they were little children.  I am still the mom and they the kids, but now there is a friendship that is developing.

Here's lookin at you!
Very proud of his newest sister!
Boy Scouts
Men's retreat 2011
His birthday is on Sunday, November 20, so he will get to celebrate on Monday.  He wants biscuits and gravy for breakfast, and he hasn't decided where he wants to go on his date yet.  Here are a few photos, in no particular order because blog spot doesn't seem to want to cooperate! =)
About a year old
Three generations of Handsome men!!!!

shoot em!
3 generations of Houstons


  1. Samuel is a fine young man, and a blessing to us and to so many. His 1 year picture sure looks like Ezekiel! We love your family.

    Teresa Olsen

  2. My fine son! Samuel I love you and am blessed to be your Dad!

  3. I start to not feel "older" than Samuel because he is about to pass me up in height! Happy Birthday!! :)



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