Catching Up, part two....Abigail turns 4!!!!

Abigail turned four on November 13!  Wow!  Is it really this late in the year?!  I only have one more birthday for the year!  Crazy!!

Abby's birthday landed on Sunday so her "day" got to be two days.  She loves cold cereal, which is normally only eaten on Sundays or days when we have places to be early, so I got some "special" cold cereal for the morning.  She enjoyed her fruit loops very much!  For lunch, we went to Puerta Vallarta- one of our family favorites.  She got her fried ice cream and a sombrero on her head while the crew sang to her... and she didn't even cry this time!  (last year she did cry)  On Monday, we had our date to Blu Berry (per her request).  She liked going with Daddy and Mommy.  We also went to Starbucks and got her a hot cocoa....because she hadn't had enough sugar ;-)!!  She received a new baby that she has named, what else, Selah Joy!  All in all, I think she had a very happy birthday!  And now, she is four...... no more "baby" 2 & 3s class on Wednesday nights, she will be in the "big" kid class with Lydia!!

Abby in my tummy!
Abby girl!
Look at all that hair!
Full of spunk!
I love this girl!
phone photo =)
first birthday!
Sigh....why must my babies grow up so fast?  It is a blessing to watch them grow, though I wish I could hold on to them a little longer.  =)  I am thankful for each of my children and the special time I've gotten to take with them on their special day!


  1. Happy birthday, Abigail! I hope your day(s) were extra special!

  2. happy birthday miss abby! I will miss you not being in the 2&3's...sniffle sniffle...allgrown up..


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