Family Camp

We had a great time this year at family camp.  Of course, we have a great time every year!  This year was a bit different for me as I was 40+ weeks pregnant!  It was my choice to go and I thought it would be fine since I always go over my due date by at least 2 weeks.  My doc even gave the thumbs up.  I rested and enjoyed time with the family.  I did enjoy a couple of the preaching times and wished I had felt up to being at all of them!  The weather was perfect...warm and sunny with a breeze just for me!! ;-)  The children had so much fun.  Zeke loved being outside but did NOT like seeing his family members zipping past him on the zip line.... he cried as they went by, especially when daddy went zooming by!!  I thought this was quite sweet!  He didn't seem to mind when anyone else went by though!  Abigail had the same reaction when she saw Julia up in the trees doing the high ropes course.  Only Julia got scared and started to panic and that is what triggered Abby.  Abby started crying and later when she was praying, she thanked God that Julia got out of the trees and didn't die!  I think the favorite activity of the bigger kids was the "superman" swing.  I had a lot of fun watching them!  As always the food was great.  Though we are sad to be saying goodbye to the head cook, Victoria.  She is moving and this is the last time we get to have her amazing cooking!!!  We presented her with a card that everyone signed and of course, she cried.  We even sang, "God Be With You (till we meet again)"  with her.  All in all, it was another memory making time.  Going through old family camp pictures, and then looking at the most recent, our family has sure started looking older!  We get a picture of our family in front of our cabin every year and it has changed quite a bit since the first!!  These are wonderful memories to be treasured!!
My sweetheart and me!
Must've caught him on the move (blurry)
Say Cheese!
Our ever growing family!


  1. How fun! Beautiful family! You look great, mama! :) Hope the next pic I see of you is holding that new baby on the OUTSIDE. ;)

  2. That looks like so much fun! Our family camp is this weekend and we can't wait :) What a great idea to take a family photo every year!

  3. I enjoyed all your pics and hearing about your time at Family Camp.
    Am praying for you as you wait for Baby's arrival, and as always God's timing is perfect; I am excited for your family.

    We love your family.
    Teresa Olsen

  4. Can't wait till next year's photo with the newest Houston in it! I am glad we were able to go too. Hopefully next year's will be longer. Praying for you and baby! Hugs, Grace

  5. I LOVE the picture of you and Craig!!



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