Things That Make Me Smile

We are currently having our i photo "cleaned" out, so no pictures today!  I'll post about our wonderful family camp soon!  But today I'd like to share a few things that make me smile.....

Dirty little boy toes...
Toothless grins, both from those who need to grow them still and those who've lost some!
A husband who surprised me with a new fan!!!!  Awwww.......
A daddy who is willing to play taxi so his oldest girls can have an awesome evening.
Boys that we can "loan" out knowing they will work very hard.
More boys who will take up the slack at home while the others are gone by washing dishes, doing laundry, bathing the baby, washing the cars, and washing the dog.
My comfy bed that is like a piece of Heaven after the bed at family camp! ;-)
Little girls that giggle.
The excitement of a child who just pulled her own tooth.
A clean house.
The knowledge that very soon I will hold a precious newborn in my arms.
Finding out my brother's wife is having a boy and that my sister is having a girl!!!!
Knowing that all the effort being put into my little ones really does pay off....with the proof from my older children.....
Hearing "Joy to the World" on my piano upstairs in the middle of summer (thanks to Mrs. P!)
Thinking about the fact that Jesus loves me no matter what, and that He has given me the greatest gift of all and that it is free to all who will believe..................................

Blessings to all!

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  1. Thanks for another reminder that I do have many reasons to smile too. BTW.... Julia is a quick learner... and you only have 4 more months to hear her practice until Christmas morning. :) I, too, am so glad that there are no limits to our "no matter what's" with Jesus.


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