A Special Date

 One of the fun things I make sure I do when Craig takes one of our children on a missions trip is to go on a date with another one of our children. How do I choose who gets to go when I have so many? You might be wondering, but it's pretty simple really. When Naomi went to PNG, I took Anna for a girls' day out. We went mini-golfing and had lunch at Olive Garden. While Anna was in Uganda, I took Naomi out shopping at an antique shop and had lunch...at Olive Garden. So, while Samuel is in Uganda, I took Daniel out and we went bowling. This was so much fun! I've only bowled a few times in my life but I love it! We played four games. Daniel beat me in the first game but I rallied and won the next three!! Haha! (I might be just a tad competitive!) We had lunch at the China Sun Buffet. It's always fun getting to do something special with one child at a time. It is difficult for the little ones as they don't understand why they aren't invited. However, this tradition will give each of them something to anticipate in the years to come! When Daniel goes for his trip, I will then take Samuel out to do something special!

I told one friend that it is my goal to get to have that date with each of my children.....no matter what! So, while the last of my children are in another country with Daddy, our time might be spent playing Bingo in an old folks' home, but we WILL get our day!!! Hey, Bingo isn't so bad, is it?! Haha!
 I am happy to report that Tirzah was super good for our entire date! Even when awake, she was happy! Though, she must not have thought too much about our game as she fell asleep...so much for the cheerleading section! To be fair, I helped her cheer her big brother on even though I was trying hard to beat him!!!

This is what she thought of the game...


  1. Tirzah looks real enthused... : ^ ). Glad you had the opportunity to spend some time with Daniel. See you on Sunday.

    God Bless you,
    Rick Potvin
    Pr. 3:5-6

  2. Haha! She is the best at showing enthusiasm. All babies are.

  3. That's a cool tradition. Daniel, your form is lacking I think, maybe I can help you out. No, I'm just kidding, I know nothing about bowling, but to me, it looks good. By the way, way to go letting your mom win.:-) No, I'm sure she is very adept at the fine art of bowling.


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