One More Step...

 What would YOU do if you were a young woman with beautiful long hair but you knew it would all be falling out? Well, the advise from many, including wig makers and her doctor, was to get it cut short. It makes perfect sense to me, it already will be traumatic to lose her hair in handfuls. But to lose extremely long hair in handfuls would be much more traumatic to experience. Short hair will fit into a cap more easily to be caught in the night rather than to allow it to just fall out all over her bed. A lady working at Seattle Children's had a cute pixie cut and Craig asked her where she had it done. She was so kind and gave us a printout from the website and the name of the lady who does it. It is a friend of hers so she promised to send her a text letting her know we'd be coming soon. Well, last night, my husband called via FaceTime on our phones and I got to watch as the pony tail was cut! Then the connection was lost so I didn't get to see the rest until she was all done. She did a fantastic job and, of course, Anna is GORGEOUS!!!!! But did we expect anything else? Really?


  1. Sweet Anna,

    You are such a beautiful, brave young lady. And no, we didn't expect anything else. :-) We continue to pray for you as you take each step of this journey.

    Following your mother's recommendation, we read Ps. 61 & 62 yesterday morning in our Bible reading time. Great Scriptures that will now be extra special to us.

    Love you,
    Mike, Cyndie, and Danny

  2. She is beautiful inside and out. Anna I am praying diligently for you and know God is at work. Be strong and courageous.

  3. Oh, Anna! It is beautiful! I know you must have been pretty nervous, but it is a wonderful cut, and you are a beautiful lady, inside and out!
    The Hilsons

  4. You look so much older! Woohoo still a good looking lady ;)

    Love, Kaitlyn

  5. it's so cute Anna short and sassy! Craig you are an amazing Father diligently praying from Astoria!
    The Isom's

  6. You are A beautiful young lady inside & out! You are such an encouragement! Like we have said In the past we are glad we choose your middle name as our daughters middle name. We pray she grows up to be a beautiful young lady (inside & out) like you! Love you Anna. Hugs.

  7. As a dad & Grandpa I say "Thumbs up!"
    Brian Olsen

  8. She is just as beautiful as ever! Thanks for sharing and letting us into this journey with you all, step-by-step. :)

  9. Absolutely Gorgeous!! Anna, The thing that makes you so amazing is;That you are just a beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside. Sweet Anna, as traumatic as losing your hair will be , I am sure that you will embrace it with all of the grace that is within you. You will be BEAUTIFUL!!!
    Love you sweetheart !! Praying for you daily.
    (((Big Hugs))) Mrs. Simpson

  10. She is beautiful! Love that gorgeous smile and her cute haircut.

    Love you, Anna, SO much!
    Sarah S.

  11. Anna

    You look gorgeous as always. So encouraged by you that through it all you still have a wonderful smile on your face. Love you and praying for you Sandee Ragsdale

  12. Anna, I am praying for you and your family each and every day. Your haircut is cute, though I'm sure it feels Really strange to have your hair so light and short! Even though I've known you only a short while, you are a dear sister in Christ, and a great encouragement to me. I love you.


  13. SO SO cute! She really does look beautiful, this cut frames her face so nicely.

    Hang in there!

  14. Anna, your haircut is just beautiful! Thank you for being such a radiant witness for Christ! I know you are blessing everyone around you... praying for your faith to remain strong!

    ~A fellow 17-year old pastor's daughter ;)

  15. Love thw cut! Still so beautiful. Love you.

  16. Your hair cut is so cute! I love it.

  17. New hairstyle... beautiful. Smile... radiant. Testimony... priceless!

    Do you have enough ponytails yet?

    Many prayers and hugs, Mrs. Potvin

  18. You look beautiful, Anna! Continuing to pray for you :)
    Janelle Hageman

  19. As many others have already stated that you truly are a very beautiful young lady both inside and out. During devotions with my wife this morning I read Psalms 61 and 62 to her. Those Psalms are encouraging during times when you feel overwhelmed. Thank you Anna for sharing this. Your testimony is such an encouragement to many of us.

    Praying much...

    God Bless you,

    Bro. Rick Potvin

    Pr. 3:5-6

  20. Anna, I am praying for you and your family
    And Your hair cut is so cute!

  21. I pray for you daily Anna. Your hair looks adorable! I understand the trauma of losing your hair as I have been there. Keep the woman's number for when it starts to come out, so she can finish cutting it very short - it is much less traumatic to do that than to have it come out the rest of the way.

    Cindy J (NewLife)

  22. Very cute Anna, very cute!!!Love It

  23. You are sooo adorable, Anna! Gorgeous smile! :)

  24. We are all praying diligently for Anna, Daniel, mom and dad, and the whole family!
    We love you guys so much! Let us know if there is anything we can do to be a help!

    Daniel, my number of handshakes on Sundays has hit an all time low! ;) It was good to see your ugly mug in that first picture! I miss you and am praying for you man!

    It looks great Anna!
    I'm sorry I've been absent from the comment threads for awhile! We finally have internet at the new house!
    I hope you're drinking plenty of breve lattes! ;)

    I miss you both a ton and can't wait to see you again, back home and healthy! Tons of prayers coming your way!


  25. Gorgeous as always!

    The Gray Family

  26. It looks great Anna!
    Anna and Daniel I'm praying for you both,
    and i miss you both at church,
    And i thank Lotd for your friendship

  27. Oh,I love it!<3 Its very beautiful!#Beautifulsmile#FullofJoy
    Praying for you and your family. I have been blessed by how close you are to God and your love for him no matter what. Love youXoXo :) ~Celeste W.

  28. You still look amazing. All the Tracht clan voted thumbs up. Big families vote, you know. Love you Anna.
    ~Cheryl Tracht


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