School Lunches....

There has been a lot in the news lately concerning school lunches. It seems there have been complaints as well as outright boycotts against the newly "nutritious" and "low calorie" meals that are being served in the public schools across our nation. Well, you'll be happy to hear that though we are not public schooled, we still try to maintain a nutritious balance in our lunch system. Never mind the bleached flour and high fructose corn syrup used in the hamburger buns that have been smothered in protein rich peanut butter and berry loaded jam (I mean that's still healthy, right?) The cheese sticks and fruit cups must make up for it at least, cough cough. Okay, to keep the boycotts down, I gave yummy Oreo cookies to all who finished their healthy lunch, though my two year old decided that the delicious cream filling was all that was worth eating! The beverage was vitamin water from Costco....low in calories and filled with, what else? Vitamins of course! So, happy lunch eaters all around today. No boycotts, no health officials on my case, but then again we do homeschool. You know, if parents packed their kids' lunches then nobody could tell the children what they can and can not eat. And since a lot of the complaining students that are also qualified to get free school lunches already get free groceries via food stamps, we could save the government a bit of money...kill two birds with one stone, no more complaints at what's served for lunch and the government saves a bit too!                          Hmm. Now that's food for thought!

Kinda looks like a school cafeteria, doesn't it?

Lunches all ready for the students

Say "Cheese"! (okay, that was cheesy, I know!) Lol

Who doesn't love an Oreo?

I mean the cream filling is the best part!

And just because I couldn't leave the cute baby out of this post!


  1. Fun lunch! Keep enjoying that row of lunches while you can. I remember all to well our school lunch trays we use to use (what was I thinking??!!!).... I'm all for the paper now. Hope your week went well and that you all are better. Hugs, Grace

  2. Cute sippy cup!! Where'd you get one with owls?? There was an article last year about a kid whose packed lunch was taken away for being unhealthy - it was a turkey and cheese sandwich, apple juice, banana and potato chips. She was given chicken nuggets!
    By the way, you COULD call your sister sometime. Just sayin'. ;-D

  3. Oh, I remember that case! Absolutely ridiculous! I had forgotten (obviously). The sippy cup was from Winco~ I'll check for another one for Princess Mia! ;-) And.....the road goes two ways, sista! Just sayin'......;-D

  4. Yeah, but you're the one with a busier schedule than me! I always feel bad calling!!
    love you, Michelle


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