One of Our Favorite Places....

This is one of our favorite places to be as a family..........

The boat house overlooking Blake Island and the Seattle skyline
Dear friends of ours own this amazing little boat house and let us stay here annually. We have been truly blessed to have this opportunity to get away without having to totally get away. (We missed out last year as I was getting ready to have Selah!)
At ground level

a view of the cabana and white sand beach

the front view from the beach
Boiling the crab

A feast to behold!

Enjoying the food and fellowship

Cleaning out the crab.....

Working for our food!

Just hangin' out

Kayaking is always a hit!

Boating to Blake Island (phone in a plastic bag)

Ready for the boats!


The boys rowing to Blake Island

Some big brother/little sister time

Just look at that face!!!!

We always enjoy wading, beach combing, kayaking, row boating, playing in the sand, vegging on the hammock, eating fresh crab, and just being us in a quiet and beautiful place!

In the very meaning of the word......... Selah
So thankful for this time!

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