Yesterday was a great day in God's house!!!  There was great preaching from the Word in the morning and  we had our International dinner in the evening with missionaries to Korea, the Parks.  Our sanctuary was transformed into a banquet hall and we had great participation in bringing food from many different countries.  An offering was taken for our "Word for the World", Bibles for Uganda.  We raised $4,611.00!!!!  This is even more than we raised last year!!!  I praise the Lord for faithful believers that have a heart to see God's Word placed in the hands of those who have never had the privilege of owning their own Bible!!  It was a celebratory day with special music in the morning by our young adults' group and my own daughters sang in the evening.  Many people also dressed up in clothing from other cultures, making it fun to see.  The evening went late, but nobody seemed to mind as we were all having a great time!  Two of my little ones fell asleep during the preaching with full tummies and no naps earlier.  I am looking forward to the weeks to come as we see what God's people are preparing to give for the year of missions!!!


  1. I agree, yesterday was truly a great Lord's day...there was such a sweet spirit, the fellowship was also wonderful, definately a great day!! I loved Brother Parks prayer...I love to hear other languages spoken especialy when they are talking to the Lord!!

  2. You don't have to post this...I just thought to myself, I bet I mispelled that....so i see I did, that is okay, my fingers and my brain are not always in sync....he he. It is just this paper pregnancy, don't mind me :) Love you sweet lady!!

  3. Haha! You are funny! I hadn't even paid any attention to the spelling error!! Love you too!


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