It is just sometimes hard to get the creative juices flowing in this ol' brain of mine!!! As I still have this borrowed computer, I thought that I should try a little harder to think "blog post" as we journey through the days.  The problem?  Life has been normal, not much interesting to blog about!! :-)  So, please bear with me especially since I have no pictures to make it a bit more interesting!!! Lol!

We did get the privilege of going to an ordination service last night in Cle Elum, WA.  What a wonderful thing to watch as a young man is set apart by the calling of God, having the hands of the Presbytery laid on him in prayer.  What a journey this young family is about to partake in!!!  Many joys and many trials await this family, along with the blessings of God.  As they devote their lives to serving others, pleasing God over man, and preaching solidly the Word, our family is committing to upholding them in prayer, and sending encouragement to them along the way.

Currently, we are finishing up a days worth of school, and catching up on much needed cleaning of the house.  The sunshine is very enjoyable and is beckoning us to come outside and enjoy the fresh air!! (even if it is cold out there!!)  Winston's buddy, Dudley, has just moved away and so he is very anxiously awaiting his little people to come and play with him.

Progress on baby is coming along very well! I can't believe we are already 19 weeks today!!  Baby startles me often throughout the day as my thoughts are on other things and baby starts kicking! It is a most wonderful feeling and never ceases to amaze me that there is a life inside of me!! The children all enjoy "seeing" the progress of this little one through the ticker at the side of my blog! It is fun to see the changes in baby and to read about the length and weight of little one.  Next week, we go in for our 20 week ultra sound!! I can't wait to get to see this little child again!!

Last Wednesday we had a first!  Usually, when people see our family, the typical questions are:  Are you Catholic?  or Are you Mormon?  This time, as we entered McDonald's for some dollar menu fellowship with friends from church, we had two young men comment on the size of our family.  They were amazed that all of these children came from one daddy and one mommy!! His next question?  Are you Amish?  Hahahaha! We all got a kick out of that!  Craig quickly asked him in return, "do we LOOK Amish?!!!"  We all got a good laugh, even the young man!!!  My children invited him to our church and his response was that he'd been out of church for awhile and that maybe it was time to get back in!!!  So maybe, someday we will again meet our "Amish" friend!!!!

On that note, I must get busy.  I hope you all have a very blessed day!


  1. What a great update! These kinds of posts are some of my favorites - getting to read little snipits of what is going on in your lives. Sometimes pictures make the writing have to be all about the event in the photos... but without photos, there is usually more text and therefore we get to actually "see" more of what is going on. :) Okay, that probably made no sense, but oh well, that's how I roll. I loved reading your little paragraphs about family, baby, Amishness and such. Fun. Happy you're posting!

  2. "Get busy"???? You are ALWAYS busy. LOL I am enjoying your baby ticker too. Didn't have those "back in our day".(another LOL) We love you all!
    ~ Grace

  3. Wow...I can not believe that you are all ready 19 weeks!!!!!! Time is quickly passing!!! I can not wait to see the 20 week u/s photos (if you will show them to me), I am thinking you are having a girl =) I just have a feeling ;) we shall see =) your probably waiting to find out huh..??

    I love going to the Amish towns in MI...OH...MO..PA! Its fun! Amish make yummy food & beautiful quilts. I think I would rather be called....Amish...then Catholic...or Moman! hehe!!

    I hope you are feeling well! Love ya!

  4. We are indeed waiting until baby is born to find out what we are having! In a world of so few joyous surprises, we like to enjoy them when we can!!! :-) The Amish do seem to have an appeal to Christians, but in God's view, their religion is no better than that of a Catholic or a Morman. They base their salvation on works and setting themselves apart (though we as Christians also should be set apart from the world's ways) but their's is a justification. Although I am sure there are some who are truly saved, just like there are prob some Catholics who are also. And there are some Baptists who are not. That is why we are to preach the Gospel to every creature!! :-)


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