Some more Family Pictures.....

Here are a few more pictures from Astoria. My nieces and nephews and some of my children. We had pictures taken at my mom and dad's place of my brother's family as well as my sister's family. Unfortunately, Anna didn't have any of my sister's family on her camera, those are on someone else's. But, there are pictures of the the "favorite" son, can you tell which one that is? And pics of my family all grown mom, dad, sister, brother, and me! We were being goofy and just having a great time together! The picture of Naomi with two of her cousins is a "remake" of one taken many years ago, like when the girls were about 9 months old and Scott was about 2!! They are now almost 16 (both girls) and Scott is 18! They were a good sport in letting me get that shot! There are also a few pictures of Craig's sister and some of her children. All in all, we had a good couple of days with family!


  1. What great photos! I love the shot of your whole family...classic faces, Michael and Julia! ;-) And you girls with your glasses...NAOMI!

  2. I love ur family photo!Realy nice!The other photos r realy awsome!Lydia looks so cute!!Cellie Warring


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