Family Camp Fabulous Food!

For three years now, we have gone to Tall Timbers Camp near Leavenworth, WA, for our annual family camp. Every year we have a fantastic time full of fun, beautiful scenery, and absolutely fabulous food!! I know, fabulous food isn't the "norm" for a description of camp food, but in this case, it fits!! For my first post on family camp, I have decided to put up pictures of some of the food we experience at this camp. Everything is made from scratch right there. It is all very delicious, and I am sure, full of calories!!! It's a good thing we do a lot of walking and other physical activities while we are there or we'd all come back weighing 20 pounds heavier!!!


  1. AMAZING!!! The food looks wonderful! I am glad you had a good time. Wish we were there!

  2. The food was yummy =)
    Our boys seemed to love it =)

  3. This is just torture!!!!!!That food tasted sooooo good and here you go reminding me of it.Seriously!Anyway,I almost ate the screen of the computer with all that superfabolicous food all over it.I loved the preaching at family camp(and the food).I hope we can have bro.Brownfield to preach at family camp again.I was blessed by his awesome preaching.Thanks also pastor for those little english prayers you read every morning.I've got to get one of those also.We almost didn't go to family camp because we thought we were going to Georgia.Glad that we didn't miss it.(family camp that is)But of course,(as usual with the warrings)I'm sick again.We wouldn't be the warrings if one of us wasn't sick though.I've got a sore throat and a little cough but should see you guys wedensday.Hope you guys don't get sick either.Oh by the way Mrs. Houston,I regretfully admit I haven't been to Fultanyo's(or something like that).That pizza restraunt you guys were in I have never seen before.Am praying you guys keep safe(and don't have any more busted legs or reunions between van and wildlife.)Love you guys and see you wedensday.(sorry I took so long.I'm a very talkative guy if you guys couldn't tell)'Later. Jesse Warring a.k.a.the crazy guy

  4. The food was great and I loved the preaching!My favorate activity was the rope course and the zip line!Sooo much fun!!!!


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