We'll Be Back Soon!

For the duration of my husband's trip to Africa, we have chosen to stay with family in Astoria. My Sister and brother in law have graciously allowed us to "intrude" in their home.  We are trying to spread our time evenly between the families. Grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins...we are spending days with each. We brought Winston with us and he is behaving like a champ! He travels well, for which I am pleased!!

We have gone to the Astor column, the jetty at the ocean, and even drove past our very first house that we owned! A drive down memory lane took us to the Dairy Maid ice cream shop in Warrenton where we all had chocolate/vanilla swirl cones. We still have several more days here in Astoria, ending with a birthday party for my dad, "papa", who is turning 60!!

We are checking off the days in my planner until Dad and Anna get back. We are anxious to see them again as we miss them terribly!! We are praising the Lord for their opportunity to be in Africa and also for them to be able to spend some "daddy/daughter" time in London. The airlines have been a bit difficult and schedules and flights have been changed and then changed again! We are now back to the normal arrival for which we are thankful!! At first, they were rescheduled to leave a few days later, then, a different route would bring them home a day early, but with a shorter layover for daddy and Anna, and not in London.  Instead, they were redirected to Brussels, Belgium! Well, through prayer, they are now back to going to London (yay!!) and getting home on the same flight as in the beginning!! Though, I am selfishly sad to not get them back a day early, I am happy for them to get their time in London!! God answered prayer (my own included) and for this I am thrilled!! God rewarded Anna's good spirit she had at the change in plans. God truly loves His children and delights to give great gifts as they serve and honor Him!!

Well, for now, I am saying good bye. We will return soon!


  1. Been thinking about you all and miss you like crazy! Enjoy your time with family. We're looking forward to having you back SOON!!!

  2. So glad the Lord worked out the flights. Miss you all looking forward to your return. So glad you are enjoying time with your family.
    Jackie Harper

  3. My love I sure miss you and wish we could be together back home in Astoria. Actually I wish you were here with me in Africa with the children experiencing all of the sights, sound and people of Uganda! Love Your Beloved

  4. Fun! How nice to spend time with family. That is how I prefer to spend my time when my husband is away as well. It seems to make the separation easier, and I am sure that everyone is very happy to get to visit with you all! Glad to hear all is going well with Pastor and Anna in Africa. We check out his webpage whenever we get the chance. :)

  5. Being away from hubby is hard - I will be praying for you and kiddos as you embark on your last week prior to them coming home...
    It looks as if you are enjoying time with kids and other family in one of my favorite places ... the coast! Have a sweet rest of "vacation" (if you can call it that) - and tell your Dad and Mom we said hello. ~~ Charrissa Browning

  6. Hi Mrs. Houston,

    We are praying for your family and looking forward to seeing you back a week from Sunday with your whole family. Sounds like your enjoying time with extended family in Astoria.

    Love and Prayers,
    The Potvin Crew
    Ps. 118:24

  7. We love and miss you all!! We are looking forward to having you all home again!! I am so glad that you are having time with family!


  8. Glad you have been enjoying your trip to astoria! cant wait to see you Soon =) Love ya!

  9. We drove from Loncoln City along the coast to Astoria, and it was the most beautiful route I have ever driven!
    Sadly we couldn't get a hold of you guys. We'll have to grab some pizza some other time I guess!
    We did stop in Tillamook and got ice cream at the factory (Mmmmm Peanut butter pie ice cream...my new favorite!).
    Can't wait to see you guys upon your return!
    We enjoyed a church phone call with your husband and daughter, and also Tom Tracht this morning in church.
    Praying for you all!

  10. Mmmmmm!Chocolate and vanilla swirl cones sounds really good. I am glad that the flight plans were resolved. I can't wait to you all(including Pastor and Anna)get back. I miss you all very much, but I am glad that your trip went well. Will see you soon.


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