Oh What a Day!

My day started out great! I got up at 7 a.m. along with the rest of my family. The children were getting their breakfast and I got my jogging clothes on. Zeke was sleeping so I decided to bring Winston with me for my jog. I have been taking Zeke in the jogging stroller as of late, but Winston needs his time too! So, with leash in hand and i-pod on, we were off! I usually walk only on the cement to get to the road, but because I had Winston (who was more than a little excited) we took an alternate route: via the grass and gravel. No sooner had I stepped onto the grass when I fell, hearing a snap and feeling horrible pain shooting through my ankle!

I was on my hands and knees, with a dog licking my face and crying out for help. "Someone help me! Craig! Craig!" I realized that no one could hear me and they wouldn't miss me for about an hour, so..."Winston! Go get the boys! Winston! Go get help!"     Okay, it works on the "Lassie" show! It was worth a try! He just wagged his tail and then ran off toward the neighbors where their dog was waiting to play. So I hobbled my way up to the house. The pain was intense! The swelling proceeded. Craig took me to the doctor's office where I had x-rays. Praise the Lord it isn't broken! Just a really bad sprain! Well, of course the two medical supply stores we were sent to didn't have both the splint and crutches on hand. Since we had just one prescription, with both items on it, we decided to wait and find a place with both.

So, what would YOU do if you had only one good foot,were in tons of pain, and needed to put the other up, and ice it? Well, I convinced Craig to take me with him to Seattle to get the errands done that he had intended on doing earlier in the morning. We got on the ferry and went on to the Apple Store where we had  a missionary's Mac computer that was fixed and waiting, along with our new 4 G i-phones that were reserved for us! Now, remember, I can NOT walk and this is i-phone DAY...the phones came out on this day and the lines were super long! We planned on "hopping" to a park bench where I would sit and wait while Craig stood in line...approx. line waiting time:  2 hours as least! God is sooo good! We found a parking space available right next to the line and.......a security man was there and saw my ankle. He asked if I wanted a wheelchair! How awesome is that?! So, I got to stay in line with my husband and do so in "comfort".

I must say, the Apple Store employees know how to keep their customers happy! They came around giving out free bottles of water, free ice cream, free Starbucks coffee, candy, and even sunscreen! We waited, and we got our phones!!! Yay! I now have my own new, i-phone 4 G...not a Hand-me-down! By the time we left, i-phones in hand, my ankle was so very swollen and so very sore! Was it worth it? Of course! I survived, I got to spend the day unexpectadly with my husband, and I got my new phone! It was quite an adventure, one like I've never had before! And thanks to a dear family from church, I have crutches to use on loan. Craig was also able to get me a splint from the store, and now I am back in business. Okay, I am on the couch with my foot up, but I can at least get to the bathroom by myself!! What a day! Next task: teach my dog to "go-get-help!"


  1. yesterday was certainly a CRAZY!!!!! but as with all crazy days we coped with very well for having our mom laid up. Life is never dull when you serve the LORD;)


  2. ok I feel really bad about your ankle...but an iPhone 4g??? SO JEALOUS! I am planning on getting mine in January so that they can fix any bugs and drop the price for me lol!! I had the original iPhone..but I lost it and all my keys in the ocean last October...so am patiently waiting to get this new one!!! :)

    Jenny B

  3. Oh I Hope that your foot starts to feel better quickly. ehjoy your new phone Sandee Ragsdale

  4. Winston definitely needs some training in the "rescue" department! I'm sorry you've joined the "Sprained Ankle Club"...seems like that's been popular at church lately! If you wanted to play with your new iPhone, you didn't have to go and sprain your ankle, though! Hope you feel better soon. I know your kids are being big helps. ;-)

  5. I felt sorry for you until you said you got a new iPhone 4G! lol!
    I am sorry you sprained it though.
    Philemon used to get those a lot (baseball) and I saw how much it hurts/limits you.
    Personally I've never sprained anything...
    I twisted my ankle once, but I was only off my feet for about 3 hours before it was just a slight throb.
    This thing with my wrist is the first real injury I've had lol.
    Not even ever had stitches!
    I'll pray for the pain/healing. :)

  6. That's a cool way to pass the time with an iPhone 4G.Bet the kid's wish they could sprain their ankle so they can get one.(just kidding).Am praying you make a speedy recovery.(No playing football).

  7. Winston definitely needs to be trained to go get help! The day may have started not looking good, but God blessed it by giving you a new iPhone 4G. I hope you enjoy it alot. I will be praying that your ankle will get better.


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