Mother's Day......

I was a very spoiled Mama this Mother's Day! We started off with Ladies Retreat Thursday through Saturday. Sunday I woke to many special treats, including a spectacular sunny day! Selah gave me this beautiful plant from her Wednesday evening Bible class, I also got two gorgeous scarves with earrings and bracelet, a cute tote bag, a gift card, new mugs, a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, and even a freshly pressure washed house! The guys did a bunch of yard work while we were at the retreat, I am so excited at what has gotten done! The best part about Mother's Day, besides the excellent messages at church, was that I had 12 amazing children and 1 awesome husband to spend the day with!! I hope you all had as blessed a day as I did!!!!


  1. I'm glad you had such a wonderful day! Funny thing--I gave Mama a striped tote bag very similar to the one you received!

  2. How beautiful! Happy Mother's Day and thank you for being an example of a godly woman to many women in our church. :)


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