Clarification About Our Trip...

Just to clarify to all out there who may have thought the letter to Anna actually was from Queen was not. It was just a clever way of telling Anna that her wish had been granted. It was a bit of fun, not reality. They actually had told us in the very beginning that royalty were not people that we could even be granted to meet. This is all fine with us as we are just humbled to be going to the great city of London! There are so many things to see, so much history! We are thrilled with the opportunity! 

By the way, today is day +300!!!!! 65 days until a whole year has passed since her bone marrow transplant!!!


  1. Oh bummer, how disappointing! I was really get excited there for a while. No, I'm just teasing, I'm sure you'll have fun even though you weren't personally invited by the Queen.

  2. I thought it was rather "odd" that Her Majesty The Queen would send an invitation on "Construction" paper. So yes I kind of figured that part was all in fun. I know you all will have a great time, What a blessing. God is good !!

  3. That was very clever!

    And WOOWHOOO for 300+ Days!!!! =D


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