November Birthdays.....

Here are our November birthdays! Finally! I hope you all understand that I've been recovering from having our precious and newest November baby and then I was hit with strep throat! I am on the mend and now taking a few minutes to post this in honor of all five children born in November.

We start with Naomi, born on November 4th.....then Michael's special day is the 7th, Abigail is the 13th, Samuel is the 20th, and Tirzah Hope was born on the 26th. For Naomi's special day, Daddy and I each got to go on our own special dates with her! I took her to the salon to get her hair cut and styled, and then we went for a bite to eat. What a blessing to be able to enjoy time with one of my very best friends, my 19 year old daughter! Michael enjoyed crepes for breakfast and his special request of chicken curry for dinner...Yum! Abigail had the opportunity to go with Daddy and Mommy to one of Mommy's doctor's appointments, but afterward, we took her to BluBerry for a special frozen yogurt treat! Samuel got to celebrate a little bit for three days in a row! Busy schedule was the reason, but it was definitely fun! We went to Happy Teriyaki for his dinner and the chef whipped out this amazing fruit sculpture! Then, Last but certainly not least.....Tirzah made her appearance via c-section in the early morning of the 26th. Her special treat was meeting her Daddy, Mommy, and all 11 brothers and sisters! She got to feel the warmth of being in the arms of those who love her very much and are so blessed to have her here- healthy.

Well, here we have it folks! These are the last birthdays in the Houston family for 2013!

Happy first day of winter everyone!


  1. Happy Birthday to all five November Houstons! Love you all... and still wondering where the time has gone!?! I just realized that we have been here for 9 years! That's one year longer than the entire time we lived in Europe... and 4 years longer than we spent in TN! I guess that means we are officially becoming Washingtonians. We LOVE you ALL! Hugs, Mrs. Potvin

  2. Happy Birthday to the five of you Houston's! Love you all
    Samuel thanks for being a friend and a brother to me

  3. Congratulations on another beautiful baby! :) Naomi, you look GORGEOUS like always! And happy birthdays to everyone-haha! - Stephanie Lanskey

  4. I cant believe its almost Jan! November was such a busy month!

    Happy birthday to everyone!


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