October Birthday Fest!

Princess Lydia! 8 years old!
October officially begins our cluster of birthdays! Starting with October 6, we celebrated Lydia's 8th birthday.  She got to be princess for the day. She enjoyed homemade cinnamon rolls and a new dress and journal! Next up was October 17 with Ezekiel's 4th birthday! Hard to believe he is no longer a baby!!! He was thrilled with muffins for breakfast and a Daisy Red Rider BB rifle! It has been a tradition in our home to give each boy his first "real" gun on their 4th birthday. Each of the older boys brought theirs down to show him. He was very excited. October 18th was a very special birthday. Julia became an official double digit! Julia is now 10 years old and quite grown up! Since we were out of town at a conference, we celebrated the night before at a Mexican restaurant with Zeke. They enjoyed the sombreros and fried ice cream, though I still owe Julia a birthday breakfast! She is hoping for chocolate chip pancakes. She enjoyed getting a new dress and journal just like Lydia. Unfortunately, we will have to go find a new dress as she has grown so much and I misjudged her size!!! Last, but definitely not least, October 24 brought Craig's 38th birthday. We all enjoyed celebrating our favorite man's special day!!! We made omelets and German pancakes for brunch and he was showered with gifts. This concludes our OCTOBER birthday fest.......stay tuned for the NOVEMBER birthdays!!!!!

Zeke....4 years and proud owner of a real gun!

Julia, 10....yes 10!!!

Daddy with a homemade card from the younger Houstons


  1. Happy Birthday Lydia, Zeke, Julia, and Dad!

  2. Happy Birthday to all four of you! You're all very special, and I love you!

  3. Happy Birthday to the October Houstons! Love you all! Hugs, Mrs.Potvin

  4. Happy birthday to Lydia, Zeke, Julia, and Pastor! How fast time flies! Miss Julia is looking ESPECIALLY grown up. :) Miss you all so much.

  5. The fall time is ALWAYS a busy season But it is filled with so many wonderful events! So many special birthdays, holidays & marriages to celebrate!

    I Love this season!

    I can Not believe it is NOVEMBER!!!! AHH!

    I have a few days of "down" time before the business starts back up again! HA!

  6. Happy Birthday to the 4 Houstons with October Bdays.

    Lydia is 8 now?!? Wow it doesn't seem that long ago we were celebrating her 1st birthday at the Brownings. I agree with the Hensons that Julia has really grown up. She is a real encourager.... my parents were very IMPRESSED with her. Zeke is four now.. looks like he really enjoys his new "real" gun. Hope Pastor enjoyed his gifts and the "surprise" fellowship @ church. Look forward to seeing you all on Sunday.

    God Bless you,
    Rick Potvin
    Pr. 3:5-6


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