A Great Read For Pastor's Wives!

My husband and I just finished a wonderful and, I must add, very profitable time together reading! I always enjoy time spent together, him reading to me as I sit back and relax, or as I fold a bit of laundry. Today I did a bit of both, ending with listening to the last chapter as I prepared our dinner. I must say that this book is a must read for pastor's wives! It is filled with practical and very convicting advice from someone who has been there for more than thirty years and is still standing strong beside her husband/pastor. She has been his completer, and has raised up children to the honor and glory of the Lord, while at the same time, ministering to countless souls as God has brought them to her. I appreciate her candidness in sharing what our priority should be while encouraging us to be stretched a bit allowing God to grow us. I must say that, after almost sixteen years as a pastor's wife, many of her stories hit home and blessed me tremendously! They not only encouraged me that others have been down the same path, but also showed me areas that I know I need to improve on, as well as reinforcing my thinking on where my priority stands......being a godly Christian, a wife to my husband, and a mother to my children.

I would like to encourage fellow pastor's wives to get a hold of a copy of this book and read it! Enjoy it, learn from it, be encouraged by it!


  1. I'm curious. Is it only for Pastor's wives? Or can it be for just plain ole wives? Hugs, Grace

    (and that was "ole" not "old" ;)! )

  2. Thank you for the encouraging reminder of what my role is! Praise God I already knew! We tend to get wrapped and unfocused yet thankfully there is Grace continual.


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