The Long Awaited Test Results......

 Traffic! It's difficult to get used to Seattle traffic! On one day of appointments, we got stuck in Seattle traffic for 2 1/2 hours!!!!!!!! You feel as though you will never get out! You move maybe a foot or two every five (or more) minutes with nowhere to go to get out of it. On a good day, when traffic is at a low, it only takes about 15 minutes to get from SCCA to home.....but we made the huge error to head over to Costco for some much needed fuel plus a few grocery items which, in essence, would only tack on another 15 minutes...... with no major traffic...ahem. We felt terrible as Anna had promised Zeke a "date" to the little coffee shop down the road. Well, that shop was closed so I took them to Starbucks for their special treat. They enjoyed their time together even with mommy!

 Anna's tests were many. She had fourteen appointments in one week! Here is the update on Anna's health.....

Anna's bone density scan was amazingly normal! This is very abnormal for someone who has undergone a bone marrow transplant. The doctors said they all jumped for joy at seeing these results. Her lung capacity is actually a tad bit better than before her transplant. I felt sorry for her undergoing the respiratory tests! Wow! As I watched, I would suddenly realize I was taking the breaths or exhaling as she was doing!

The bone marrow aspiration went well, leaving Anna very sore for several days. The results of the test reveals that Anna has 0.01% cancer left. Last time she was at 0.03%. This means that out of 1000 cells, there was 1 cell that had the BCR-ABL (or Philedelphia) chromosome. At 0.03, there were 3 cells in a thousand. The doctors are still very optimistic as there has been a decline. There is no need of worry at this point. It is at the six month aspirate that will determine whether Anna is at risk of getting CML again and if further treatment is needed.

We were given a call from the nurse on the green team at SCCA to tell us that Anna can stop taking three medicines! Yay! Also, we have gotten to decrease the insulin intake as Anna's blood sugar numbers have gotten a lot better. She is now completely off of the prednisone which can cause a drug induced diabetes as well as possibly cause type 1 diabetes that stays with her forever. We are thinking it has just been the drug induced kind.

 This year, the family headed off to family camp, without Anna, Selah, and me! Anna still can't be in large crowds or in the midst of grass, dirt, and trees, or eat food that is exposed to others, we also had several appointments at SCCA and the podiatrist's to go to. Please pray for Anna's toes to lose the infection that seems to want to stick around from her ingrown toenails. They can only do so much for them until it's been a year from transplant, then they can do more invasive procedures.

I think Selah enjoyed getting to go with us to the appointments for once. She definitely had fun being the center of attention for the time, though she thoroughly missed the family. The first morning, she woke up with, "Where's my Daddy?!" The days to follow, she would ask where her (insert sibling's name) is.

We missed getting to go to our annual family camp. We missed the family. But we enjoyed time together. We didn't do anything spectacular, we just hung out. We kept the house clean, went to appointments, and rested when we could. We even had an interesting adventure of sorts.....but I'll post on that later!

Selah watching for daddy and the kids


  1. Praise the Lord!!!! I'm so happy for you, Anna! I'm continuing to keep you in my prayers! :)
    Love in Christ Jesus,
    Hanna Morton

  2. Praise the Lord! Those are wonderful results!!!!
    Praying for continued success and encouragement!
    Love you guys!
    The Hilsons

  3. Praise God!! (still keeping you all in our prayers!)

  4. Great news, Praise the Lord!!! Missed you both at camp, more than a couple of times I found my self saying "I wish Anna/ Emily could be here to see this" Love you Anna, Praying daily!!!

  5. This is such awesome news! We missed you all at family camp too! It touched our hearts to hear Zeke and Abby testify that they could not wait to see Mommy, Anna and Selah. Anna, Dave wanted to tell you that he did not climb the tree on the zip line without you. He just couldn't bring himself to do it. So your annual contest is waiting until you are well enough to give him a run for his money. We are praying daily and rejoicing with you about such good news.
    Love Dave and Jackie Harper

  6. Wonderful news!! We are so excited and thankful to know that Anna continues to heal more and more each day!

  7. Love the update! Still hope to see you when we can. Love you guys!

  8. Continued good news, continued blessings & healing from God! Continued prayers from South FL, and around the world. We're getting ready to start the next year of school here....our summer went much too fast! Shelby will be in the 10th grade, and Brooklynne is in the 6th grade. And none of the adults here have aged a day! ;-) Continue to follow the Drs. directions....don't get to feeling so foxy good that you start to try to do too much. You really rock that hair style girl! Will continue to pray for you and the family! Carole Binder & crew

    1. Carol, And who gave these "little girls" permission to be old enough for 10th grade and 6th grade? I have enjoyed reading your comments, and remembering how much I fun you and your family were. Thanks for your updates, also. Mrs
      Jean Balter, aka Aunt Bee

  9. So glad to hear such good news. We love you all and continue to keep Anna and the Houton family in our prayers.

  10. Sunshine Girl..what great news!I thank God for the healing He has done.You have shown such amazing courage and trusting in the Lord throughout this journey. I definitely see Jesus in you, and your family. Loved the photos of you and Zeke and you and Selah.Soooo looking forward to seeing you.Love ya,Aunt Bee.

  11. What wonderful news! Such an answer to prayer! We love you Anna!!

  12. Thanks for the update! It's great to hear good news, and I will keep praying that the percentage of cancer will decrease. Love you guys!

  13. Praise The Lord!!!! After so long without a post I was beginning to worry, but now I'm rejoicing in God's answers to prayers:) we will keep praying, and trusting with you.

  14. SO, SO glad to hear that things are going well for you Anna - and all the family! Praise the Lord for decreased numbers in the bone marrow - definitely the right direction! Know that you're loved and prayed for from afar - well, not that far away, but boy does it feel far when you're isolated from the majority of the world. Jai

  15. We missed you all so much at camp, but are rejoicing SOOOO much with you about your numbers,Anna!! Praying God continues to bless and heal. Looking forward to when you can really join in with the "rest of your family".... praying for the time to pass quickly for your sake. I love you! Hugs, Grace

  16. Mrs. Houston,

    I agree with Teresa and Jackie about missing the three of you at family camp. It was encouraging to hear the testimonies of both Zeke and Abby at how much they enjoyed family camp but did miss you, Anna and Selah. Praise the Lord for answered prayers of Anna being able to reduce the amount of meds. Continuing to pray that by the six month time since the bone marrow transplant it will register as 0% cancer left. Also am very happy for your family as I'm sure all of us at WBC are that you are planning to move back to Bremerton by the end of the month. It has been very encouraging to see Anna's smiling face on Sunday nights even if it is from the van.

    In Christian Love,
    Rick Potvin
    Pr. 3:5-6

  17. Praising the Lord with you! Will continue to keep Anna and your entire family in our prayers.

  18. Yes! I'm rejoicing (and praising the Lord with you). I'm praying for complete healing- we serve an awesome mighty God. Hang in there Anna, you're doing great. :)


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