A Quick Review

Yesterday was a big day! First, it was Nathanael's big 13th birthday. We started out with a brunch of biscuits & gravy, fried eggs, and bacon. We then presented him with his gift. He got a new shave kit, some jeans, and a new coat- he loved it all! Next, we had to scoot so we could make it to the Seattle ferry. Craig received a call from the realtor that is helping us with the rental house and we were clear to sign papers and get the keys! We were quite excited and Nathanael was happy that he would get to see the new house first! The signing took a little longer than I had expected, but I am thrilled with the house! It will work perfect! The drive to Children's is very easy and I need easy! We also got to meet the owner of the house as she stopped by with new keys for us. She is a very pleasant lady and eager to make things as easy as possible for us. She doesn't seem unnerved at all at the number of children that will be living in her house!
 After the signing, we decided it was time for some food! We were a bit hungry and Nathanael had the pick of restaurants. He chose Asian food. The realtor had told us about a sushi place in U Village called Blue C Sushi. It was fantastic and I can't wait to go again! The experience alone was worth it! The tables are located along a narrow conveyer belt that surrounds the chefs creating the food. The plate colors determine how much it costs. For instance, the gray plates cost $2.50, the yellow, $3.50, etc. Every colored base has a description of the food and whether it is cooked, vegan, or raw. I never realized how much cooked and vegan sushi there is, so I being with child, could enjoy to my heart's content!
 The food is on small plates with a clear plastic lid so you can see what you are getting. There are definitely plenty of things I can assure you I would NEVER want to try! But there were plenty of things I DID enjoy! I loved it, Craig loved it, and Nathanael loved it....all except the octopus sushi he tried at the end....that's what is on the top plate uneaten. The look on his face says it all. It was funny when we realized at the end that on Nathanael's 13th birthday, we ate 13 plates of food! We had so much fun! We were stuffed and the cost was very reasonable! Well, no birthday dinner is complete without dessert....so we went on over to Vera Pizza on Fremont. They have this amazing dessert called, Mezza Luna. It is a calzone filled with Nutella!! It is served with fresh berries and we ordered vanilla gelato to go with it. Wow! That is soooo delicious!
On our way to the ferry, we hit a bit of traffic and missed it by about five minutes. Craig whispered in my ear a little alternate plan that I thought Nathanael would enjoy. So, we headed to Safeco Field where we bought some tickets to see the Mariners get beat by Texas. Nathanael was pleasantly surprised and said he felt spoiled! Good! Then we succeeded in making his day special!!! We headed out a bit early so we could get the ferry and then enjoyed the ride home. All in all, we had a wonderful day!
While gone, we did receive a call from SCCA on Anna's liver count. It is slightly elevated and so they want her to stop taking her cancer meds. The date set for April 30 for intake is still on at this point. Please pray her counts go down and we can proceed with her transplant! We want Anna better! Thank you all!!


  1. What a day!!!! I can't say that I blame you on the octopus sushi, Nathanael. Some things are better off left in the ocean, in my opinion. LOL The dessert sounded very tempting though. No comment on the game... but I would if it were the Twins. ;) Glad you had an awesome time with your folks on your special day!

    Still praying for you, Anna... April 30th is my sister's birthday so I'll remember.

    Great news on the house AND the owner! Will you need any help with anything? Please let us know. Hugs, Grace (Mrs. Potvin)

  2. In the midst of the current storm, it was wonderful to spend time making some awesome memories with you Nathanael. What a wonderful day! I love you son!

  3. Happy 13th Birthday to you, Nathanael. I agree with you and Mrs. Potvin about the octopus sushi! I are glad you had a great birthday celebration, and am excited for you all about your new house in Seattle. You are a dear young man who always blesses me with your beautiful smile.
    We love your family and continue to pray for all of you and covet your prayers for us.

    Mrs. Olsen, for Olsen Family

  4. Nathanael it sounds like your birthday was special. I am glad you had this special time with mom and dad to celebrate your 13th birthday. You are a blessing to me and I am glad that we are friends. Keep trusting the Lord as your family goes through the days ahead.
    Love Mrs. Harper

  5. Happy Birthday to Nathanael!! I love him! Emily I am so enjoying your silly posts. Kind of like having you here for a bit!

  6. HAPPY (late) BIRTHDAY Nathanael!
    I know this will sound goofy to you, but my sister, Rachel, and I use to watch you when you were a baby. And you loved my sister she was one of your favorite people. She use to put your pacifier in upside down and you would suck it back the other way! you two would play that game forever! I am really glad you had such a good time with your folks. I hope The Lord continues to bless you and your family. Love Becca, your old babysitter : )


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