FOUR teenagers?!!!!!!

I am waayyyy behind on my blogging and I am sorry.  I will do some catching up in the next few posts.  But I will begin with a most important post:  Daniel turned 13!!  That's right, I now have FOUR teens in my home!!  In one year, I'll have 5, then it will be on to the 20s!!! {sigh}
My sweet baby, Daniel

Daniel was a whopping 9 pounds, 8 ounces at birth.  He was always such a sweet natured baby who became an ornery toddler.  Thankfully, he is again a sweet natured young man.  He loves his family very much.  Daniel's interests include (but are not limited to):  reading, reading, did I mention reading? ;-)  Boy scouts (he is a star scout on his way to eagle!), riding bikes, hurting himself by knocking out his teeth, breaking his arm, and spraining his wrist,  he also enjoys exploring in the woods,  learning all kinds of things.  He recently experienced the giving of speeches in a speech club for homeschoolers and did very well.
At the speech tournament

So handsome!
For Daniel's birthday we were on vacation and had pizza at our favorite spot, Fultano's.  On his actual birthDAY  we travelled to Idaho and stayed in a hotel where the children all got to swim!  Yes, he even swam with a broken wrist!  He also got to go to Bucer's with his Dad and had a large chocolate chip cookie and coffee!

Nice arm, dude! ;-P
Soooo, HAPPY 13th BIRTHDAY DANIEL!!!!!  We love you so much and are so thankful you are here with us!!!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Daniel!!! Maybe it's just me, but, don't you think you should start enjoying some less painful hobbies??? LOL Love ya, Mrs. Potvin

  2. Happy Birthday, Daniel; we love you and all of your family.

    We are thankful to God for the Houston Family.

    The Olsen Family

  3. How time flies it seems like just yesterday he was in the 1st - 3rd grade Boys Sunday School class as an eager little boy.... : ). He has been an encouragement over the years watching him grow up. He was not even 6 yet when we arrived in WA for 18 mos and back to TN LOL. Anyhow I know I'm rambling but just wanted to say I'm thankful how the Lord is growing Daniel into a young man.

    Bro. Rick
    Pr. 3:5-6

  4. ” hurting himself by knocking out his teeth, breaking his arm, and spraining his wrist” Literally...laughed out loud!!, typical boy....right????! ;-)

    Happy 13th Birthday Daniel!!!!!!!

    (gtiggle is accruing strange so I can nut log onto my account)



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