Happy Birthday, sweet Julia!!!

Today is the close of an amazing day. Today, we celebrated a very special girls' 7th birthday! Julia Katherine is a joy and a delightful addition to our family. After a string of four boys in a row, it was a blessing to hear, "it's a girl!"  She has continued to bless our family with her sweet smile and spunky personality! We enjoyed homemade cinnamon rolls per request of the birthday girl, and for dinner, she ordered taco salad. In the afternoon, we shared a celebration party with her two younger sisters, Lydia and Abigail, as their birthdays are all within a month of each other. We had many friends come and share in this joyful day! We are thankful for each friend who came!! We are thankful for a beautiful girl! we are thankful to our loving Lord who has blessed us abundantly!!! Happy Birthday, Julia!!!!! We love you so much!!


  1. Happy birthday Julia. your a blessing!

  2. Happy belated birthday to my "carrot" friend.
    Mrs. Potvin


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